Everyday People

There is joy in life. Still joy in life, still joy in living. Even at seventy seven years of age. Yes, I know that is not really old, but there are an awful lot of folk who never get the opportunity to get even or anywhere near that far, for one reason or another. So,... Continue Reading →

Hold The Line!

Need something to cheer you up? Something to steady your nerves? Well, here's some good reading for you. I have previously shared some posts from the imetatronink blog of William Schryver and here is one I missed (can't be everywhere, and it is not my job anyway) earlier, from September 1 with a title (and... Continue Reading →

Bending, not Breaking

I feel I have to write a few words today about the situation in Ukraine. This is a watershed moment by several measures. First it is a critical and most likely a decisive moment in the battle for Ukraine. And, make no mistake, that is exactly what it is. At least one other has said... Continue Reading →

Annihilation On The Dniepr

September 1, 2022 was an undoubtedly busy day. And the banks of the Dniepr river near the Zaporizhia NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, were not the least visited spots along its course yesterday. That was the day marking the start of the visit to the power station by IAEA experts sent to... Continue Reading →

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