A Tale of True Grit and Human Determination

I was about to write this up yesterday (as September 1 marked the beginning of the new academic year [school year] in Kherson – and I assume all of Russia) until the latest Escobar story came to my attention. But this is just as important, on a personal level, as anything on the international scene. So I just can’t let it go by unreported – and by that I mean I don’t suppose many people outside Russia read the Moscow news from VZGLYAD.

It doesn’t hurt, in any real way, to step for a little while in the shoes of someone else in the middle of a conflict zone. Especially when that involves the welfare of children and their education. This is such a story, rarely so closely and openly told. A story of down-to-earth living and a getting on with life amid the worst of all disruptions by a people generally happy to regain a sense of freedom in spite of the current hardships. It is a long story, filled with personal anecdotes, and translated in a way that does not read easily to the english speaking mind. But a story that cries out to be heard and in my view greatly merits such recognition. So, without further ado, I invite you to read, and perhaps learn from, and gain a better understanding than from any fake western news report…

‘Kherson schools get rid of Ukrainian fears’ – Yuri Vasiliev, Kherson region, for VZGLYAD

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