Annihilation On The Dniepr

September 1, 2022 was an undoubtedly busy day. And the banks of the Dniepr river near the Zaporizhia NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, were not the least visited spots along its course yesterday.

That was the day marking the start of the visit to the power station by IAEA experts sent to determine the situation at the site. A very dangerous situation on the boundaries of a modern armed conflict with daily artillery fire around and on the area.

The IAEA delegation arrived as expected and not a word of what actually took place there yesterday has been mentioned in any media report that I have so far read. It is a bloody story, and it may have been possible to keep the gory details from both the visitors and the media contingent that inevitably follows any such contentious occasion. But not from everyone. And I am going to share with you the report, perhaps the only report, of exactly what occurred. It may have all been over by the time the visitors arrived – that is yet to be determined – but it appears the press did not get a sniff of it.

Briefly, the Russians, who are in possession and guardianship of the site and all lands on the southern bank of the river around it, were expecting trouble from the Ukraine side situated on the opposite bank (from where they daily shell the plant with various calibre of artillery). For their part, the Ukrainians, driven by the ‘Boys Own’ mentality of British military intelligence – known for similar exploits as ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ (maybe) in a past era and the ill-fated ‘Dieppe Raid’ in 1942 – with similar results – and with a great desire to see the ‘ownership’ of the plant turned over to them before the IAEA visit started, launched a dawn offensive across the river. Did they not think the Russians would be expecting such an event? Anyway, as it turned out, the Russians laid some sort of trap and the whole (or most) of the attacking battalion sized force of ‘special forces soldiers’ (trained by Britain), plus a separate commando boat party of some 60 soldiers which actually made it into the power plant, were all wiped out.

I will leave the engrossing details to the Military Summary Channel report published today (Sep 2) in their daily report on the Ukraine conflict. My suggestion would be that this may be the only true version of events you will come across, at least for a while.

What a useless and foolish waste of life – solely in the interests of publicity.

With up to a thousand bodies, including those of the alleged NATO officers thought to be present, floating in the river and many of them eventually turning up on its banks, I doubt this unfortunate episode will be able to be kept quiet for long.

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