Everyday People

There is joy in life. Still joy in life, still joy in living. Even at seventy seven years of age.

Yes, I know that is not really old, but there are an awful lot of folk who never get the opportunity to get even or anywhere near that far, for one reason or another. So, recognising that none of us is entirely in control of our life, there is even more reason to get what joy we can out of living, while we can.

The bringing of joy, the getting of joy, the sharing of joy, these are the most important aspects of life we, as humans, can know. And I can say that even as someone not generally known as a ‘people person’, and I do know and am fully aware of that.

I do know that the greatest moments of true joy are moments shared with other people. Everyday people. Even people you don’t know and (today) may never even meet face to face. One of the greatest ways to share joy is through music. And especially children – those who possibly most deeply experience and are the greatest joy-givers of all.

Both joy and music are universal gifts which we as humans can experience and share freely with everyday folk all around the world. Can you see and feel the wonder of that?

Have you seen and felt the wonder of that? Are you now seeing and feeling the wonder of that?

I can help.

Only personally discovered yesterday (and of course, in a long life, this is thankfully not the first such avenue of discovery for me) is the amazing library (otherwise known as a YouTube channel) of recordings of music and song to delight any heart and instantly bring joy to anyone who shares in the recorded experiences. It goes under the name of – ‘Playing for Change’. You may already be aware of it of course, in which case – lucky you.

I want to share just one piece which encapsulates all that I have said here, with the appropriate title of ‘Everyday People’. Please enjoy.

You can simply allow other songs to stream after this or select your own favourites. Why not allow yourself to be surprised by starting with one of my favourites so far, in the playlist here – ‘Ripple’, a Grateful Dead song

Relax for a while and just let the music flow. And experience the sheer joy of a shared experience.

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