Hold The Line!

Need something to cheer you up? Something to steady your nerves? Well, here’s some good reading for you.

I have previously shared some posts from the imetatronink blog of William Schryver and here is one I missed (can’t be everywhere, and it is not my job anyway) earlier, from September 1 with a title (and sufficient content) to render it as fitting exactly this time, this day (how’s that for prescience?) – The Moment of Greatest Danger. I urge you to read it.

What? You didn’t think there would be setbacks? You didn’t think the enemy would recoil and not rebound at some stage? Admittedly I also thought they didn’t have enough left in them either, but it seems they have just enough to make a last stand – and that is what it will be. They will be destroyed. Dying needlessly for a lost cause. Because this is not just any old battle. This is a war of all that is good and clean and of justice and of right human values, sponsored by Russia, against all that is evil – of nazism and hate and of ruthless and unjust dominance of others who are considered inferior, sponsored by the west and led by America.

There can be only one result. Or this will not be a world worth living in. So, stand fast and hold the line.

That is what we must believe. That is what we must do. And that is what we should work towards and to which we should give our support. So don’t lose hope, but hold onto these thoughts. In a few days all will become clear. The ‘Moment of Greatest Danger’ will pass, and the right and just world will emerge triumphant. Although that may take a few more days. But this, I’m sure, will be the darkest moment before that new dawn. And it will be ‘new’. Resembling little of the ‘freedom’ we were persuaded to falsely think we were enjoying, but a freedom to live, modestly and respectfully of others and of our still beautiful world.

Still need more convincing? Try reading the latest Schryver post – “Counter-Offensive” – You Keep Using That Word.

There you go! That should keep you busy for the weekend …and perhaps a little more relaxed.

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