OK, Ukraine, You Asked For It, Now you’ll Get It!

Everything is changing. You might say there is a great convergence going on (only that phrase has been misused before). But really, it seems, and the impression is not a minor one, that everything is coming together to meet a fulfillment of sorts, of something which possesses an air of importance, some as yet not fully specified thing, at some as yet arbitrary point not too far in the distance, perhaps even before the end of 2022. And that is as close to, or as near as, how I am prepared to define it at this point. But I feel it is going to be a doozy.

So many things are happening at once, and so fast. I have started a number of stories in the last few days. Some only got to the idea stage. But I realised, before any of them got very far, that hey, that was yesterday’s story – and things have already moved on. Many of the websites I usually refer to for information have not caught onto that yet, or are unable to keep up for some reason, and they continue to pour out news that is a week old and already passé. That just will not do in a time when new events feature almost hourly. And I recognise this is not an easy time to keep abreast of the situation. Especially when events emerge at any point on the globe at any hour and we are still tied to the 24 hour day/night cycle of the planet – even in this age of instant communication. We have to sleep. I have to sleep. And many of us are still in the unfortunate position that we still need to regulate our day in the service of some master or other, even if that be of our own making. And yet all those things, the things which have defined our lives and compartmentalised our days are potentially among the things now tossed into the air for change. Where they will fall, and in what jumbled order our lives may soon be steered towards, is anyone’s guess. But it is unlikely to be the life we are used to living, oh so casually, and yet with more struggle and uncertainty than we might be willing to admit.

“What has that to do with Ukraine?” you may ask, if you haven’t been paying attention to detail. And perhaps even if you have. It is just as dangerous to get bogged down in detail, over-analysing a situation, as it is to totally ignore what is going on. A broad but informed overview is the best position to take. The seeing of the ‘big picture’, as I’m sure more than one luminary will have suggested.

And those who see the big picture will surely know that all is well with the world. Everything is happening as it should. There is a potentially bright future, clouded only by the possibilities of climate catastrophe or nuclear obliteration, and a few other possibilities of such small probability as to be not worthy of regard. The world’s people, at least the great mass of the world’s people – perhaps more than 7/8 of humanity – are coming together, working together, to make the world a safer, more equitable place to live, raise children, and generally get along in peaceful and sustainable harmony (if that is in fact possible, among less than perfect and highly individualistic self-motivated beings).

I still have not answered the question as to “What has that to do with Ukraine?” Well, it has everything to do with Ukraine actually, although this ‘convergence’ would still have inevitably occurred whether or not the Russian leadership team had decided to forge (as in ‘strongly pursue a goal’, rather than the alternative meaning of ‘falsify’) their own nation’s destiny by ensuring its survival as an independent and sovereign entity within the global family by establishing secure borders in its western extremities – namely that with a Ukraine increasingly being commandeered by western interests. It is just that with this move, alongside a general coming together with other Eurasian nations with the same general intentions, has opened that future to a new and perhaps unexpected level of global influence.

At the same time, the 1/8 of the world – that which holds ideas of domination of the majority by financial control, threat of military might and a great deal of other, more subversive, activities – is rapidly losing such control as it once enjoyed and is fast slipping into an occultation of itself, of and by its own making, as a direct consequence of its own foul deeds and self-delusions.

Russia and its economic and strategic partners – none of whom have needed to be called in to assist or even to provide diversionary activity at this stage – will prevail in their sacred and humanitarian task to establish a new global order based on mutual respect and cooperation. That is not in doubt. And even though western junkies, drunk on the perceived recent ‘success’ of their own inglourious basterdry (and yes, that is exactly how I intended to spell those words), which was actually no ‘success’ at all but cost quite a few thousand of their own lives (with a lot more yet to come) – while the Russians simply walked away, in full military discipline, and with few casualties.

Russia is in complete control of activity throughout Ukraine and the recent pre-planned adjustments (with full knowledge of NATO/Ukraine plans) have set Russian and allied forces up in secure defensive positions from which to repel, with devastating effect, any further advance by Ukraine and/or NATO forces, and also to proceed with their intentions to liberate the remaining parts of Donbass and the southwest of Ukraine against weakened Ukraine and cowed NATO resistance.

For the first time in this piece I mentioned NATO. That organisation of the west has so far hidden its direct involvement in the conflict. That position can no longer be maintained. It is a fact that western military have for some time been engaged in direct aggression against the Russian forces. Russia has publicly ignored that so far, but is preparing now to take the next step. This situation I think can no longer be considered to simply be a ‘Special Military Operation’. It is in fact a war. A war started, not by Russia, but by the west a long time ago. Identifiably it began back in 2014 with the western interference in the regime change operation by the US in Ukraine, but this has also been ongoing for the entire time the Russian Federation has been in existence. It is an undeclared war. Whether Russia will itself now declare war against the western aggressors is not yet known. For my part I see no necessity for Russia to declare such a war, since it has been the subjected to warlike activity – that is actual armed conflict – by the west for a long, long time. But Russia, unlike western nations, is an honourable nation and will not I think stoop to the levels of behaviour of the west.

So something will be declared I am sure. Exactly what, I am not sure. But things have escalated now to the point where I think Russia must act more forcefully. We saw something of that, a warning perhaps (described so in one of the links below) late on the day of September 11 (of 9/11 significance, I don’t know). The outcome, further developments, further escalations, are as yet balls, still hanging in the air, waiting to fall. It is now a different conflict. The west will no doubt get the conflict it has been seeking and at the same time dreading.

I have said before – back in March I think – that the gloves are now off, following the Russian first positional adjustment. That was all it was – a positional adjustment – the strategy remained the same careful, steady advancement. But the west played an ever dirtier game. A more or less terrorist type activity, with no care for life or other civilised norms. Now Russia has repositioned itself again and this time means business. This time, I believe, the gloves are coming off for real. The west asked for this war, now they are going to get it. They will, for as long as they live, regret that they pushed for such a decision.

I have said all I wanted to say and will leave you with a few linked information pieces. These are the very best analyses available as at the time of writing.

My advice is to read these valuable articles and totally ignore the comment sections – that’s where the usual lunatic fringe dwells.

“The Izium Withdrawal – A Catalyst For ‘Starting In Earnest'” – Moon of Alabama – September 11, 2022

‘Is War What You Asked For? – Kunstler.com – September 12, 2022

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