In Praise of a Great Article on a Much Needed Cultural Awakening

Very occasionally these days, one comes across a truly inspiring article…

‘Civilisation Or Barbarism – Western Dusk, Eastern Dawn’ – by Nora Hoppe for the Saker blog

…is one such rare treat. I urge you to read it.

The west is finished. Get used to the idea. The East is fast rising. Get used to that idea also.

The world is in a state of change. And as President Putin said recently – “The process is irreversible”.

The western world. My world. The world I grew up in and have watched with increasing sadness, turn, from something of at least some value, cultural value, aesthetic value, artistic value, and even a rather bizarrre form of moral value (based on flawed ethics and always outdated beliefs), but never of much social value (not a big feature of western democracy), into some deformed caricature of a valueless creature, alive, but barely, and filled with hate and despisement of everything that is good and wholesome, beautiful and natural. It is the society of which I speak of course, not necessarily of the people or all of the people within that society.

Now, with the ongoing demise of western society, there is opportunity for new beginnings. For a new world of renewed values. It can only begin in the East, where old values are still extant or at least dormant. Nothing such exists any more in the west, or is so rarely to be found as to fear for its disappearance entirely in the mayhem of change – or rather demise, perhaps preceding change, if we are lucky.

So, read about it. Talk about it. Spread the idea. Cultivate and propagate the new concept, to make it bloom and blossom before your eyes. But at all costs let go of the old – or you will die with it.

I consider myself lucky that I have been able to both witness something of the value of the things Hoppe’s article talks about, and absorb them into my being and life, before they deteriorated too much into the hash (or the mush – I can’t decide on the most appropriate word to describe today) which is all that is left of that world now, and also to sense a foretaste of what might be if the world can get its act together sufficiently to make it through what could be a quite turbulent period of history. It could mark the end of history, but hopefully will just be a marker for the commencement of a new and better world.

May it be so.

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