The Greening of the Sahara, or Another Look at Global Warming

All the western world, and much of the rest of the world knows about climate change, is taken from a western standpoint. It goes something like this – quoted from a recent Times article – ‘Where we will end up living as the planet burns‘ and saying much the same as I have acknowledged for close to two decades and promoted in my writing for more than one…

While nations rally to reduce their carbon emissions, and try to adapt at-risk places to hotter conditions, there is an elephant in the room: for large portions of the world, local conditions are becoming too extreme and there is no way to adapt. People will have to move to survive.

But is any of that true? Can we trust western science (especially after the 2020 COVID fiasco)? And furthermore, who says any nations are actually trying to reduce emissions? And is there really any sign of adaptation?

Well, yes of course at least some of that is true. The basic reasons behind all the fuss and carefully planned activity remains true – although little understood and the prognosis therefore questionably reliable. But yes, conditions are becoming extreme and, yes, in places ‘too’ so. And yes, some ‘people will have to move to survive’. Perhaps the least understood area is the ‘no way to adapt‘ part. Why else would the world be so keen on ‘electric cars’ and so-called ‘renewable’ energy? Why would the world not just be down-scaling its energy use instead? Not trying to continue business as usual with a new set of ‘toys’ that are equally, if not more so, energy consuming than those we have now?

I’ll tell you why. Because it is good for business (temporarily) and allows those who can afford it to maintain their current lifestyles. That is, it permits the continuation of ‘production’ and ‘consumption’, which are the life-blood of modern industrial society.

Few seem to understand that it is this ‘modern industrial society’, perhaps, and it may yet prove to be that we have over-estimated – in our ego-driven self-esteem – our own puny role in whatever influences naturally perturb the whole climate scene (though it has to be admitted that our efforts can not have had a non-malign or neutral balancing effect on those forces, due to the sheer weight of modern humanity and its accompanying industrial/agricultural/military physical baggage – unprecedented in history), that we should be ditching in favour of a more natural and an undoubtedly more simple life for ourselves henceforward. Such a simple life would render it difficult to produce the kind of growth in humanity that has come as part of the package of industrialisation which ‘may’ have brought us, in concert with natural forces, to the place of imminent danger our modern civilisation now finds itself in.

We need to take a new look at this. Not led by past or present western ‘scientific’ thought bubbles and not guided by commercial interests of any kind, but with fresh eyes and an open mind to see what is actually there in the physical environment, and by judging from the past (the only reliable records we have), what it is that may face us in the future.

At this point it should be stated that the records we have (carefully gleaned, I may say, from the physical environment by modern science [which does have its uses, though these should never be interpretive or predictive, only collective {scientists are too close to the work and too self-interested to be permitted a sole, decisive or arbitrary, unipolar, analytical role – in my view}]), tell us that there have been periods of climate extremes greater in divergence from current norms (our current mild situation being the exception rather than the rule), before and during the presence of man on the planet, which can be used as indicators for what may await our own future.

I think that is all I want to say on this just now, since the online article linked below goes into these matters in greater depth than I could or would care to. I urge you to read it – and at least be aware that there are alternative views out there. Views which cast doubt on some of what we have been led to believe and the actions we are, or are merely said to be, pursuing as answers to the situation. Views which seem to me to be just as eminently reasonable (though I admit to not having studied this in depth) as any I have heard to date. You are free to make whatever conclusions to that as you like. Your views and my views carry no weight to move or dictate what will actually be, in the future. If we are still here, we will either live through prevailing conditions, or die, no matter what we believe.

The main article…

‘Global warming promises Russia a climate revolution’ – VZGLYAD

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