More on US Biolabs & COVID-19

Two days ago I posted a story on the Ukraine political opposition accusing the US of attempting to hide information about that nation’s secret Biolab’s operations on Ukrainian Territory.

Today I came across this story, “Will the US be Sued over COVID-19? Or what have Pentagon’s Biolabs been Up To?” – Valery Kulikov for New Eastern Outlook, also published two days ago, which takes the matter of secret US biolabs, scattered all over the world (said to be over 400 of them), and the true intent surrounding their activities, a step further.

The thought may occur to you as to what is the intent of these labs, and are they succeeding? This quote from the NEO article may go some way to answering those questions.

“All of these bio-laboratories and related facilities can, in fact, be viewed as undocumented US and NATO military bases, which, as the recent developments have shown, are not actually tasked with helping nations where they are located to detect dangerous pathogens before they pose a security threat and to fight epidemics and pandemics and their consequences.”

If they were established for such noble tasks, then, with the outbreak of COVID-19…

“Why have these bio-laboratories not provided needed aid by detecting and reporting ‘outbreaks caused by dangerous pathogens before they pose security or stability threats’ and by fighting the pandemic in these nations?”.

Why indeed?

I still don’t buy into the conspiracy theories around COVID-19 being deliberately released although I know that to be a distinct possiiblity, and will hold an open mind on how it occurred until proven.  No such legitimate proof of Western intent to cause this mayhem has so far been released and, equally, no proof at all of a Chinese origin for the disease is so far forthcoming (and I have no reason whatsoever for believing that to ever be).  But as I said two days ago, just knowing that the West and particularly the US and UK indulges in such covert activity and knowing the lack of scruples and integrity both countries display in their grubby international affairs, lends wings to any such theory around them being responsible.

I consider it some kind of poetic justice (hard as that may sound) that these two nations, US-UK, out of all nations that have been afflicted by COVID-19, have come off the worst and will most likely also be the worst affected economically.  It is these two accomplices that together have been the cause of most trouble and strife all over the globe for the past 70 years at least, and longer historically.  We don’t know the true extent of the damage done to them even so far, because they won’t say or are so accustomed to lying about everything that we can’t trust anything they say.   

I am not going to say any more on that but I reallly want to direct your attentiion to the linked NEO article, whose veracity I consider to be solid and whose message of great importance to any real understanding of the situation.

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