The Real America is Starving

“America: Send Food, We’re Starving!” – Gordon Duff – Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War – for New Eastern Outlook

America, the real America, where nary a Trump has ever set foot, is starving and abandoned, in worse condition than most (what used to be called) third world countries.  This America, the real America, is actually turning into a third world country – albeit one equipped with brand new cars for everyone – cars that will never be paid for – and another waiting for you to pick up even if you default (according to Kunstler – see an earlier post). 

It is a country entirely divorced from the glittering and, for these people, impassable walls of Trump’s (and Biden’s) TinselTown – which also just happens to be referred to as America.

It is a divide that is growing and I dare say will never be healed.  Eventually there will be fireworks of one sort or another.  Whatever you may have, however little, be grateful if you don’t live there.

…and I don’t think this story is over-exaggerated by even the smallest extent.

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  1. If you happened to see a version of this post with some very rude tags containing the word ‘America’ earlier, including ‘Fuck America’ and ‘death to America’ plus some words I will not repeat, that was because WordPress was not accepting the tags I have now assigned. But for some reason it did allow me to use those derogatory ones. Happy, now I have been able to achieve what I originally wanted, I have removed the extraneous tags. Thank you WordPress. Don’t do it again.

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