The West Be Damned

The West, apparently led – perhaps for appearances sake – by Australia, is particularly interested in laying blame and finding further reason to castigate China on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Strange. Especially when there is no evidence at all that the disease actually started in China or that that nation had anything to do with its origin.

The world needs to look elsewhere for answers to that, if in fact answers are actually necessary. It could well have begun entirely naturally.

One might ask, since when was Australia, a very minor, sparsely populated and relatively unimportant nation in global affairs, whose people form hardly a pimple on the surface of humanity (which is one reason why I became one of them), occupying a land taken by invasion and genocide, in any position to raise and question the morals or activities of any other nation?

But if there is to be any suspicion of a humanly introduced origin for this catastrophic event that has focused the world’s attention and virtually stopped its machinery of commerce and industry, then we might begin with the question:

Does China operate illegal biolabs containing highly dangerous and lethal pathogens of various types on the territories of other nations (which is where, if you are going to meddle with these things, it makes sense from a self-protection angle to conduct such activity)? The answer is a big, fat, NO.

Does any other nation do that then? The Answer is a big, fat, YES.

Who is that nation? Do I really have to answer that? It is of course the United States of America. And possibly its masked sidekick, the United Kingdom (though I have no direct evidence of that, but it is the sort of thing they would be expected to do and we know they do it on their own turf – think Skripal).

It is, perhaps not as well known as it should be, that the the US has many such laboratories dotted around the borders of what they think of as their arch-enemy, but which is morally, in fact in every way, superior to them – their partner nation, Russia. All of these ridiculously dangerous operations are sited not on US soil (that would be unthinkable), but on the lands of their own allies or infiltrated nations and run by US secret intelligence agencies. We know this is true because Russia has made protestations about it (the collection of DNA samples from local border peoples) both to the US and the UN. What possible valid reason could the US have for such activity. It cannot possibly be for the purposes of world peace.

OK, well, now the cat is out of the bag, with this report by the Ukraine political opposition release of information about US attempts to cover up the presence of their own biolabs in Ukraine. Let’s see how they get out of, deal with, or deny this situation.

If this is the sort of thing that the US does, hoping no-one will notice, and there is no suspicion that China undertakes such clandestine activity (at least not beyond its own borders) should the world not be turning its gaze on the US instead of China? 

“Ukraine’s Opposition Accuses US of Scrubbing Info About Biolabs’ Activities on Ukrainian Territory” – The Greanville Post

Australia be damned. It’s a smokescreen.

Take a look at the map in that TGP article showing 25 locations of US biolabs around the world where strange outbreaks have occurred.

The US, and the rest of the West, be damned too.  They all will be soon.

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