COVID-19 News, April 26, 2020

I have not forgotten about COVID-19, I was just waiting for the 3 million cases mark to arrive.  It has advanced as expected (on April 19 I suggested it would take just over a week with a day or two still to go and the current total being ~2.86 million) but not quite there yet.  The blue line is still straight but there is just the suggestion of a slight upturn (see graph on Worldometers) for yesterday, 25th – with a huge increase in new cases of almost 106,000.  From memory this is probably the highest daily total so far.

The US is still the leading nation with just under 39,000 new cases, but in many others the numbers are growing fast.  These include, listed in decreasing totals order, Ecuador, Spain, Russia, UK, Brazil, Turkey and Italy, all recording multiple thousands of new cases as at yesterday.

This thing has clearly not finished growing yet.

I will take a new look at death rates on the day we reach 3 million total cases.

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