No “Back To The Future” For The West…

…So says Stan Grant, an Australian First Nations descendent of the Wiradjuri people (though if Australia was one nation I would not need to make that distinction), news presenter, journalist, and Professor of Global Affairs at Griffith University in Queensland. Stan is a man who knows a thing or two, though not quite perceptive enough to not see China as a threat to Australia (though it may become such, if Australia’s leaders keep treading the path of aggression and provocation they have chosen to follow). Although he does have the courage to say that “China is an indispensable nation; our future depends on it“. And much more so than it depends on the US. Australia must, as a nation, come to see that too. There are limits to patience. Australia would be well advised not to test those limits much further.

China is an indispensable nation; our future depends on it. Our future depends on those other countries (Ed: India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil) that make up half the world’s growth — countries we rarely even talk about.

Stan Grant – linked article

I believe China will be patient (the Chinese have a great capacity for that) until after the Aussie elections later this year. But if our nation is still then led by the religious maniac Scott Morrison, well, that is a whole new ballgame. Not that a Labour government appears to have the balls to break away from the sinking ship USS United States either. China will have to use the time from now until then to convince them otherwise …and do that in the face of American desperation. Who knows, Australia may have its very own US rigged election. I’m sure it has happened before.

All around us, the world we knew is giving way to the world we don’t truly understand, let alone are truly equipped for.

Stan Grant – linked article

I don’t want to say much more, so as not to take away from the impact of the article linked below. It is massively courageous, full of precious insights, and mostly in agreement with my own views. Please take the time to read. It has applicability for all of us – wherever we are from.

“How can Australia achieve economic growth when the Treasurer can’t name China in his budget speech?” – Stan Grant – ABC News Australia

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