Are You Among the Willing or the Unwilling?

“Where Did The Science Go?” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer – The Automatic Earth

“I’m at a loss for words,” says Ilargi, to finish off his latest editorial in another of my cherished sources of proper news.  Well, he manages to put enough of those words together, and in the right order, to make a good stab at saying what I think many people will already have surmised.  We are being conned, and herded, and separated into the have’s and have-not’s (vaccinated and unvaccinated), in a totally unwarranted exercise of power over people. And a trampling on of human rights and a compromising of human health.

I am not interested now in how that came about, though we must all be watchful for recurrences and/or future developments.  I am interested, however, in how easily people all over the world have accepted that this is the way things are and need to be from now on, and have so readily jumped from a dubious/fictional frying pan, directly into the fire of allowing their bodies to be actually physically altered from the inside, with nary a care nor a worry at what the personal consequences of that, may be.

It is also, of course, a separation of those who may be pliable to or fearful of, totalitarian ideologies – the shut up and do as you are told kind – and those who are thinkers and reasoners and are generally unable or unwilling to accept such manipulation.  I am happy to declare myself to be in that latter camp.

It is not only a question of ‘not following the science’ that we see occurring over recent months, and before long, years, but it is sheer madness what humanity is doing to itself – or allowing others to do to it.

And who are these ‘others’?  Well, as I see it, there are three layers of manipulation, and depending on how you look at it, probably a fourth.

The first layer is, of course, the ones that jab you – the medical profession. In my youth, i.e. a long time ago, I held great respect for doctors and nurses.  They were a cut above all other professions.  But, along with the gradual degradation of society as a whole (and I can only speak of Western society – that being my only personal experience) to a more seedy and materialistic low-point which is I think is an undeniable description of what exists today, that profession has likewise slipped and lost its veracity and trustworthiness.  Doctors have regressed to being pill-pushers for Big-Pharma – if they want to be successful, or even simply run their practice as a business, that is.  And nurses still do what they have always done.  One of which things is to stick needles in people’s arms – whether they think it right or wrong, or even necessary.  And the level of patient care they can provide has also slipped along with the general malaise of society and the push for efficiency and time/cost ratios.  These, mostly good people, are not to blame for this situation, they are trapped within an amoral system defined by money and budgetary issues and external influence and pressure.  But they can and should no longer be trusted to have your best interests at heart.  They have far more pressing issues to deal with.

Then comes the government layer(s), which either employ or regulate those in the medical profession.  It is government policy which determines the conditions under which the medicos (along with everybody else under their jurisdiction) operate and which drugs they can apply.  Which also consequently, to a greater or lesser extent determines the general state of health of the people they govern.  There are other factors integral to that of course.

OK.  Admission.  I have run out of steam now.  And time.  I never meant this to be a long piece, even though the subject kind of demands it and there is still much to say.  Sorry, that’s the way it is. I will just add a few thoughts as to where this was going.

Governments are also under pressure, both internally and externally.  Think about it.  They don’t always make the best decisions as a result of those pressures.  And the decisions they make are not guaranteed to be in your best interests.

The third layer is that which puts pressure on governments.  It does that through lobbyists, threats, propaganda, blackmail and bribes. And since governments are not usually made up of trustworthy types of people, they are ripe for such manipulation from this third layer.  This is the field of capitalist corporate entities of all kinds, both domestic and global.  In this particular case it is the major drug companies – obviously.  But, equally obviously,  pressure may be applied also from a nation’s major allies – especially those which harbour major drug companies.

A final layer? Well, if you wish to separate the owners of the third layer enterprises – the world’s mega-rich – from their wealth making sources, and I think that must be done, then they are perhaps the most influential power which controls all, or most, aspects of human life on Earth.  It is these people, if they can be described as such, who want to also engineer a ‘Great Reset’ of mankind for their own continued benefit – having seen the coming demise of civilisation from their lofty viewpoint – by engineering a fully compliant and fully reliant customer base for whatever enterprise they can build to operate in a different future. A megalomaniac’s dream come true.

Who is to say that it is not they who are behind this pandemic (they have the power), using it as leverage to induce fear and obedience in the global population as a pretext to the genetic manipulation of all mankind through vaccination by injection of unapproved experimental fluids into the willing and pliable, and the separation of the unwilling as undesirables – due for some other, perhaps more permanent treatment.

Think about it.  There has to be a reason.

I remain among the unwilling.

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