Refuting a False Accusation

China refutes Australia’s accusation of tweeting “fake image”  – Xinhuanet

Because Australians, and people in other parts of the world, will only ever hear one side of the story – the Western propaganda side – I am sharing this post from Xinhua in full to give China’s view of the situation.

I find it sickening that Western governments, and Australia is now using every opportunity it can as a voice of the West, are prepared to twist facts to their own advantage against those nations they target as being disreputable, while downplaying their own less than reputable role in destroying truth about disreputable actions of their own or carried out by their own faction.  It is damnably hypocritical.  Not only that but nations not favoured by the West are generally not in any way guilty of what they are accused of doing by the Western states which simply mirror their own devious activities on their perceived enemies through false propaganda as a diversionary tactic.

And that is exactly what this is all about.  It reflects badly on the attitudes and character of Western authorities, while leaving China and other nations with no case to answer – other than the refutation of false accusations.

I have seen, and hold, a redacted copy of the official report referenced as “confirmed inquiry report by the Australian Defence Force (ADF)” in this Xinhua post. It does contain one alleged instance of a knife being held to the genitals of a male captive – but of course it would be inappropriate to present an image of such incident – and it does confirm that there were cases of women and children being shot and killed while running away from Australian forces personnel in Afghanistan. So, while some artistic license has been used to produce the image that has raised the temperature of reporting around this issue, there are factually related incidents on which to base its use.

Read what China has to say…  

China refutes Australia’s accusation of tweeting “fake image” 

Source: Xinhua | 2020-12-01 20:33:06 | Editor: huaxia  

BEIJING, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) — A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on Tuesday refuted Australia’s accusation that a Chinese official had tweeted a “fake image” about the Australian military’s atrocities committed in Afghanistan. 

“The accusation is false in itself as the image was never a real one, but a computer-generated illustration by a young artist. The concept is completely different,” spokesperson Hua Chunying told a routine press briefing, adding that the Australian side was trying to shift blames by hyping up the issue. 

She pointed out that the image was based on a confirmed inquiry report by the Australian Defence Force (ADF). “Although it is an illustration, it reflects facts.” 

On Nov. 19, the ADF released the findings of the inquiry that heard testimonies from more than 400 witnesses. The inquiry found that “credible evidence” proved that special-forces soldiers murdered 39 prisoners, farmers and civilians during the war in Afghanistan. 

Citing an interview of the image’s creator, Hua said what Australian soldiers had done was much more brutal than what’s been portrayed in the image. 

When dealing with issues involving China, some people always insist on the “I can, but you are not allowed” mentality, Hua said, citing examples from the fields of technology and economy. 

“I can have the 5G, but you are not allowed” “I can take you down economically, but you are not allowed” and “I can openly criticize you, but you are not allowed.” Such an attitude reveals the arrogance and hypocrisy of some people and exposes the real purpose, which is to deprive China’s right to speak out the truth, the spokesperson said. 

“I hope these people can view China and China’s development calmly and rationally, take constructive actions and work with China to resolve differences, and jointly maintain the healthy development of bilateral relations,” said Hua. Enditem

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