The COVID Story Now Coming Unravelled

After several months of personally boycotting Jim Kunstler's blog over his illogical stance on China, I can once again share at least the current Kunstler post.  He appears, at long last, to have got the China story exactly right - in my opinion.  Hint: that may be something to do with his podcast meeting with... Continue Reading →

Knowing Your World Leaders

'GLOBALink | Xi Jinping as an avid reader of world masterpieces: Russian literature' - Xinhuanet The more I learn of China's national leader, President Xi Jinping, the more my respect and admiration for him grows. In this short, narrated video, President Xi's deep interest in world classic literature, in particular that of Russia, provides more... Continue Reading →

How Embarrassing For The US?

In an era of "The (Real) Revolution in Military Affairs" - see Andrei Martyanov's book of that title, the US and its NATO allies (a motley crew) falls well short of the sort of capability necessary to maintain any relevant security through their own military forces.  And that's no lie. In the Wikipedia entry for... Continue Reading →

A Better Vision…

OK, so my previous post may have been a little off-track.  Circumstances move very quickly these days and new evidence is revealed moment by moment. To keep up, a certain flexibility is required, so let's back-track a little. 'Taliban has no plans to take over Afghanistan by force, says spokesman' - TASS It is my... Continue Reading →

Don’t Quote Me, Yet…

Don't quote me, yet.  I'm reading between the lines here.  But I can see a day, perhaps not too far away, after the Taliban movement (outlawed in Russia - as TASS never fails to remind whenever that name is mentioned) has taken complete control of Afghanistan, all remaining foreign Western troops have slunk away back... Continue Reading →

Like ‘Thieves in the Night’

"The Taliban seem to be riding an irresistible momentum – especially when Afghans themselves were stunned to see how the imperial “protector”, after nearly two decades of de facto occupation, left Bagram air base in the middle of the night , scurrying away like rats." Pepe Escobar - 'A Saigon moment in the Hindu Kush' -... Continue Reading →

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