A Better Vision…

OK, so my previous post may have been a little off-track.  Circumstances move very quickly these days and new evidence is revealed moment by moment. To keep up, a certain flexibility is required, so let’s back-track a little.

‘Taliban has no plans to take over Afghanistan by force, says spokesman’ – TASS

It is my belief that the Taliban is made up of honourable men.  Highly dedicated and motivated men, many of whom probably have families.  They are certainly no criminal gangster type terrorists whose only aim would be to rob, murder and destroy.  All they want, it seems to me, is for any foreign military parasites to leave their country, and they have the strength and will to at least make life very uncomfortable and very dangerous for such parasites until they do leave.
This has earned them, or at least their organisation, the status of outlaws in Russia but I believe that Russia is now working with them or at least consulting with them (there have been too many recent meetings for this to not represent a political policy) towards possible rehabilitation of their status if they can come to a reasonable agreement for a peaceful political solution to the internal strife that has become endemic in Afghanistan over the last 2 decades – caused mainly by foreign interference.

And this appears to have become an accepted move by the Taliban leaders, who are now in consultative meetings with Afghan government officials, the meetings sponsored by Iran, to work towards this end.

That would be a marvellous thing, not only for Afghanistan but for the whole wider region.  A region which is now making it perfectly clear that they have no need for Western hegemony anywhere among its many sovereign nations. Expect further withdrawals of US Coalition forces, including in Iraq and Syria.

Russia, Iran and China should be congratulated for being instrumental in creating conditions for this to become reality. 

The West, now nothing more than a crumbling facade, revealing its own corruption, depravity, and destructive obsession with tormenting and obstructing the freedom of others they consider to be untermensch.  Stealing anything useful from them to retain for as long as possible the image that their own obscene cultural structures still appear viable.

There is still hope for the world that even if we are to die out as a result of external or natural threats, as is likely, that we will do so knowing that we have overcome those evil forces which seek to dominate the world, and have restored dignity and honesty to humanity.  

Now that could be said to be a noble cause, and a better vision to work towards.

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