Don’t Quote Me, Yet…

Don’t quote me, yet.  I’m reading between the lines here.  But I can see a day, perhaps not too far away, after the Taliban movement (outlawed in Russia – as TASS never fails to remind whenever that name is mentioned) has taken complete control of Afghanistan, all remaining foreign Western troops have slunk away back to their various holes, and things have settled down quite a bit – Russia may find it expedient to remove the outlaw status of the organisation and recognise it as the lawful power in Afghanistan.  Also incorporating it – as a legitimate national government – into its various regional organisations. Afghanistan already has observer status with the SCO (expect that to be upgraded) and many other regional associations with neighbouring countries. That will not please the US of course, but hey, that’s what happens when you lose wars.

It may be that these things were discussed at the meeting between the two parties in Moscow – was it last year or early this year, can’t remember*, on the peace process of what then was a war with the Western invaders of their country. Mainly the US, though my own nation, Australia, also had a less than noble part to play in that disastrous and ultimately futile affair – to the detriment of its own reputation.

Would a Taliban led government for Afghanistan be so bad?  It is after all an Islamic nation and has been for many centuries.  The West never had any right or business interfering in that, and it is to their lasting shame that they did – based on the usual crop of total lies.  Well, that has all been for nothing now, and I predict – with the rapid decline of Western civilisation now underway – such a farce will never happen again.

Russia fully understands this (what a marvellous leader they have in President Putin – not to mention his obviously world-wise advisors) and has been preparing the way, I believe, for Taliban acceptance among the nations of the world.  And what is so wrong with that?  The movement quite obviously has wise leaders as well.  They would never have come to terms with the US, but it does appear that they respect and place at least some trust in the Russians.  Mutual cooperation would be of immense benefit to both – and the wider region, and the world.  China no doubt would also be pleased to see peace in the entire region, so critical for its Belt and Road Initiative.  It will be a very long time before Western nations can make any sort of inroads with many of the Central Asian nations. And that is how it should be.  Once trust and respect is lost, it is very difficult to restore.  And in any case, the west has little to offer in return. Western democracy?  You jest, I think.  The world is about to see western democracy fall into its own self-made mire.       

All of that was by way of introducing this current, and to me quite important (though that remains to be seen), TASS news item…

“Taliban vows not to allow Afghan territory to be used for attack on Russia” – TASS

*Actually, I just became aware a delegation of the Taliban’s political office arrived in Moscow for talks on July 8, 2021 (there are many reports on that) – perhaps this is what was being referred to – although there was an earlier meeting back in 9/11/2018 (how time flys).

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