Is It Really A First Past The Post Thing? Why?

Russia announces its first COVID-19 vaccine is now ready, having passed clinical trials in two separate tests on diverse groups of volunteers.

“Russia’s first COVID-19 vaccine ready, deputy defense minister says” – TASS

See also: “Volunteers participating in Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine trials develop antibodies” – TASS

Coincidentally (or is it?) the UK’s Oxford University also announced today the readiness of its own vaccine.  It all smacks of a race to be first to me, but not a race initiated by the Russians.  They have accused no-one of attemnpting to hack their development records (though that doesn’t mean there have been no attempts to do so).  It is the UK that has put forward such accusations, evidence-free of course, indicating their desperation to show that the West is somehow equal or superior to anything else in the world.  Such desperation could precipitate premature announcements of their own success.  I wonder? Especially since, by their own admission (see linked article), they are still undergoing their final phase of testing. Is this “a race against the coronavirus” as they claim, or a race to be first in the world?

Anyway, this is not the only vaccine being developed in Russia.  I think I read of five such developments being in progress.

Personally I have little interest in this development, other than the amusment generated by childish Western antics.  Antics which prove what?  That they still have any credibility whatsoever?  Such will not be so easily regained in a world sickened by their less than glorious past. 

I would not be subjecting myself to any mass-vaccination program of national populations – whether voluntarily or perhaps even compulsorily administered.  At least I would ensure that I were among the last stragglers to be brutally rounded up or otherwise coerced to take the needle, if it ever came to that.  I do not consider myself to be a herd animal.  And, in a broader context, I will seek personal exemption from any plan to make me into a ‘farm’ animal of any kind. 

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