Restating Innocently Misstated Intent

“Russia not interested in European states falling apart — ambassador” – TASS

Let me firstly interpret the meaning, for the Western ear, of this unfortunately not well expressed article title by TASS.  

What it DOES NOT mean is that Russia doesn’t care if European states fall apart.  It definitely does not mean that – although TASS is here I’m sure unwittingly aiding UK propaganda in particular, by expressing it that way, as that is exactly what the UK government and its intransigent establishment wants you to believe. 

What it actually DOES mean is that Russia has no interest in being the cause of European states falling apart.  It definitely does mean that – although Russia attempting to bring about such state failures is exactly what the UK government and its intransigent establishment wants you to falsely believe.   

Is that clear?  Good. 
Now, on to more important matters.

This TASS post is obviously in response to “The report published by the British Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee on Tuesday” – it actually says that.  The UK report claims – “Russian-UK relations cannot be improved under the current Russian leadership”.  Oh dear!  They want President Putin and the whole Russian government to be replaced with their own chosen puppets.  Regime change by stealth?  Wherever do they get these ideas?

Let me say this, as clearly as I can – the problem with current Russian-UK relations is NOT President Putin and the Russian government (not that is any business of the UK government anyway – whether they think it is or not), but the 18th and 19th century imperialist thinking still unfortunately embedded deep within the psyche of the stiff-necked, hardcore, UK establishment and voiced by the clueless elected representatives of a people trained to never have to think for themselves (a state endemic to all Western populaces), who elected them (in spite of their gross inadequacy) in a pseudo pantomime still ridiculously referred to as a ‘parliamentary democracy’. 

Now, the Russian people, who have themselves been through very hard times and managed to rid themselves of another outdated and equally stiff-necked, hardcore, form of government, subsequently finding they had a leader who would sublimely rise to the occasion demanded by these difficult times and actually lead them to a form of prosperity and security they perhaps never dreamed of being able to achieve for themselves. 

They, the Russian people, can either ridicule or feel sorry for the British people and other Westerners who have yet to throw off the shackles that bind them (though that will also come) and find their own true liberty, and …from what I understand of the Russian people… perhaps even lend a hand to lift those struggling Westerners whose governments so tormented and hindered, though unsuccessfully, while the Russians were struggling in their eventually successful efforts to establish a better place and a better way of life, to find such a similarly enhanced life for themselves (the hard-pressed Westerners). [Some of my longer sentences may seem difficult to grasp, but most of them do make sense if carefully read (perhaps a couple of times) – and all contain a single coherent and encapsulated thought – which is what a sentence is meant to do] 

Now, that’s something worth talking about.

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