Headed For The Grease Trap?

“‘Is Thinking Cancelled?” – Kunstler

If anything can be taken from JHK’s Monday blog post this week it is the inescapable thought that what used to be American society is inexorably drawing closer to the event horizon that marks the point of no return for that ‘city upon a Hill, beacon of hope’ (if it ever was that) to disappear in a swirl of dish water, food particles and grease laden detergent, down the plug hole at the base of the sink bowl that was North America.  And not even I care to think about where it will end up from there or what might possibly pluck it from that fate at the last impossible moment. 

The small, greasy Hand of Trump?  Nah. No way. 

The limp wrist guided by Uncle Joe’s feeble mind?  Nah. No way. 

Not much hope then, huh?

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