Cognitive Reorientation Required?

Why would any young Australian volunteer to leave Australia, the country that has sheltered them, probably for most or all of their lives to go to Israel expressly to join the Israel Defence Force (IDF) on behalf of the most oppressive and vicious regime (not counting the US) operating outside of international law in the world?  The idea disgusts me.

And what is so different in this than those who have chosen to go to other countries to join a recognised terrorist organisation in opposition to a legitimate national government (such as Syria) at the risk of punishment on their return – even if they are allowed to return to Australia?  To me this is exactly the same thing.  There should be no difference in the treatment of these people to how returning terrorists are dealt with.

How are other Australians meant to view the disjointly different levels of treatment meted out to citizens with other national affiliations? In particular of course, I am thinking of Palestinian Australians or Arab Australians in general.

When is Australia going to become a true citizen of the world and drop rather than hiding behind its mostly western heritage with all the biases, attitudes of infallible superiority, unquestionable right of authority, and inbred racist tendencies which comes as part of that?

Or do we, like the rest of the west, need to taste a level of debasement and some cognitive reorientation first?

“The young Australians ‘walking into a war zone’ to join the Israeli Defence Force as ‘lone soldiers'” – ABC News Australia

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