What Is Much More Important Than COVID-19?

Five words: “The U.S. Empire Is Ending

We will eventually, maybe, perhaps, nothing guaranteed, get over COVID-19. It will pass, or we will pass, or we may even learn to live with it. Whichever one of those outcomes (they are not options) occurs, we can do that. No problem. Well, nothing we can’t handle.

What we cannot possibly survive, in any state that would be considered to be bearable for any of us, is the continuation for much longer of the devastating US Empire which seeks to eliminate all that is not in keeping with their own warped view of how things should be in this world of immense diversity and legitimate pluralism of every kind. That, without any other consideration or attachment, makes that particular problem infinitely more important than any petty little virus which can be survived, at least by those with even a modicum of gumption, by following simple practices that even kindergarten children can understand. Though a great many supposed ‘grown-ups’ apparently don’t.

The US Empire must be defeated and you will be happy, I hope, to note we can also do that. The plan, although that is a very loose description, is actually going well already, mostly owing to the blind incompetence of those who direct the empire’s activities. If you have been watching carefully, you will have noticed that the US is rapidly devouring itself, falling into unrecoverable disrepair, fading authority, friendless coexistence, and in recent years resorting to increasingly maniacal acts of illogic aimed at propping up and patching up its unworthy cause for as long as possible while it attempts to think its way out of the wet paper bag it has engineered itself into. The latest piece of illogic is that it has just launched a Mars probe mission to give the impression that it still has credibility in that arena. It doesn’t of course. Everybody and his dog can see that the US is in dire straits on so many fronts that I do not care to list them. All we have to do, it seems, is to wait a little while and watch how this boat sinks. Hopefully, it goes down quietly. Though that may be a little to much to ask.

I have been impressed by some of the writings of Historian Eric Zuesse on this subject and his latest article also has some fine things to say –

“The U.S. Empire Is Ending” – Eric Zuesse, on The Greanville Post – and various other alternative news outlets. I also provide an alternative link in case of difficulty in accessing the Greanville Post posting since they appear to be under attack from some of the more powerful media empires. You could try this from New Zealand’s Scoop Independent News – “The U.S. Empire Is Ending”.

This paragraph, quoted from the article, I think encapsulates the situation –

“…Trump now faces a difficult choice: Either he will break up and end The Atlantic Alliance, or else he will continue it and lose the Presidency to his domestic opponent, Biden and the Democratic Party. It’s his choice. If he opts to continue The Atlantic Alliance, he will hand the White House to his domestic opponent, who is likely to win it in any case. However, by Trump’s backing down and accepting Germany’s new-found insistence upon its and the EU’s independence from the U.S. regime, Joe Biden would be inheriting an empire that is, and will continue to be, inevitably in decline. A turning-point in world history has been reached, and there will be no turning back from it.”

Maybe that is why Trump is now muttering about delaying the November election.

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