Are You an Anti-China Trump’s Chump?

So you still think that the coronavirus associated with COVID-19 originated in China?  You think the World Health Organisation (WHO) somehow, as a result of its affinity for China, misled or misadvised the world about the disease?  You think that Doctor Trump was right or even in a position to hold an opinion on that – which was behind his defunding and withdrawal of the US from membership of that organisation?  Then you are a chump.

Since you, like Trump, probably wouldn’t know what that means nor even how to find out what it means, I will tell you.  A chump is “a foolish or easily deceived person“.

Trump’s actions and the dissemination of the lies about China and the WHO propagated by the US authorities – and now commonly believed by the world’s large number of freely roaming chumps – is a completely fabricated story which holds no truth whatsoever.  In fact it, the false story, was again the brainchild of what is loosely referred to as ‘US intelligence’ and perpetrated deliberately by Washington.

The truth is, as expressed in this quote from the Grayzone article, “There is just one small wrinkle in the story: the claims of the US and Taiwanese authorities are a complete fabrication. Taiwan never provided any warning to the WHO about the novel coronavirus or its transmissibility.”

Read for yourself, and perhaps stage your own withdrawal, from the Union of Trump’s Chumps.

“With US support, Taiwan planted deception about warning World Health Org of Covid” – Ajit Singh forThe Grayzone

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