Pompeo’s Last Hurrah

“US offers to form new alliance of states to counter China – Pompeo” – TASS

What’s this?  A last Hurrah?  A big mistake Mr Pompeo.

Hasn’t that chump realised that the US no longer has any real friends (perhaps a few imaginary ones) almost anywhere around the globe? Or maybe he has just learned of the weakening ties that NATO has with his country – not that there should even be a NATO. 

I think that even my fawning US lapdog country, Australia, would shy away from such an arrangement because of what that would do to our increasingly debt-laden economy.  Some sort of friendship or at least an ongoing business arrangement with China (which would be impossible if we were to join The Piggy Pompeo Club) is our only hope for any kind of future, viable or otherwise.

…and just now, I don’t know of anyone else, except the hopeless usual suspects – Israel and the UK – who would commit economic suicide by signing on to such an agreement either.  Well, I suppose uppsey-downsy Canada might be persuaded.  I don’t see how any Asian nation would be putting their hands up for it.  Not even South Korea or Japan – because it is bound to come with some heavy expectations – even military ones, but certainly ones leading to economic death.

See also: 
“Pompeo’s speech full of ideological bias, Cold War mentality: Chinese FM” – Global Times 

You’ve done it this time ‘Mad Mike’. This is your Last Hurrah, for sure. How can someone in his position be so out of touch with reality. Perhaps it’s desparation. Perhaps he has been cloistered for too long in the White House bubble. Perhaps he is just plain crazy.

With news headlines like this…

“Global companies step up investment in China” – China Daily

…Pompeo’s weak tilt at China is doomed to failure.  And that will not be the only failure soon to emerge in the space between where both the Pacific and the Atlantic lap at American shores.

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