Is Truth Becoming More Self-Evident?

I can always rely on fellow Australian James O’Neill and New Eastern Outlook to say what I need to say.  And I do not feel a need to embellish or apologise for anything said in this recent article.  Well, it pretty much agrees with things I have already said anyway and I readily admit this carries rather more authority than my own writings. My only claim to fame being that I add to the number of voices proclaiming such truths as are generally and deliberately obscured from public awareness.

Are such combined voices, in continually bringing out self-evident truth, married with a growing self-interest for self-preservation, partly responsible for a potential self-awakening in European leadership? Whatever the facts, it can only be for the good of the world.

“Nord Stream 2: Is European Self-Interest Finally Surpassing US Influence” – James O’Neill for New Eastern Outlook 

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