Stealthiness Sprung

“Iran successfully used Russian-made radar to track US F-35 jets — designer” – TASS

So, the much fabled stealth of modern fighting aircraft has once again proven to be just that – fable. I assume that is something everyone already knew. 

When it comes to things material in nature, there is no such thing as stealth. ‘Stealthy’, maybe, but not ‘invisibility’. Not undetectable by modern radar systems. And, as modern radars continue to improve, at least for as long as there is a necessity for such (aerial warfare having only a limited future), the advantages of being stealthy will continue to dissipate.

I think it is fair to say, on the basis of this report, that Russian radars have, and are, keeping Iran safe from the aggressive nature of those who would seek to do harm to that country.  And since the ownership of that aggressive nature is something we all do know, there is no need for me to name them explicitly here.  Their F-35 jets have been well and truly sprung.

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