The ‘Renewables’ Myth

Picture courtesy of Minerals Council of Australia  (OhMyGosh, never thought I would be promoting something from this particular organisation, but everything has some potential use)

…and this is why (well, one reason why) the world can never be 100% renewables powered.

It is also why so-called ‘renewables’ can never be called ‘sustainable’.

Just to clarify my position, renewables may have a short term (25, 30, 40 years maybe) period of usefulness by helping us (or at least giving us the opportunity) to power our society down to really low-tech, no mining, no electricity, no oil, levels of living.

Won’t that be great?  Imagine the freedom.  Providing everything we need for ourselves, by ourselves, using our own hands.  No jobs.  No mortgages.  No debts.  No central government (you can’t have government without taxes).  Great.

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