Jobs Of The Future – Tinker

‘Tinkering’.  What a great word, and one that will assume even greater importance soon.

This post inspired by: The Lost Skill of Tinkering from The Travelling Naturopath Blog

Only very old stuff can be tinkered with.  All new stuff, when it stops working (and often before that), is simply junk.

My advice is to keep hold of or seek out, any and all, old stuff.

quote-the-first-rule-of-intelligent-tinkering-is-to-save-all-the-parts-paul-r-ehrlich-56286The second rule of intelligent tinkering is to not have any unused parts left over 🙂 – me


I tend to use the word ‘tinkering’ a little more broadly, for anything that I need to do that I am not very good at.  Since I have no special talent for anything meaningful, I am always ‘tinkering’. curiosity-small

Also, by that definition, since there are no real ‘jobs’ any more, anyone who goes out and ‘does’ something for income, is really only tinkering with stuff that hasn’t quite yet been superseded or thrown out.

Very soon, the only way to get anything done will be by real honest-to-goodness tinkering with stuff that is still capable of being fixed and made to work.  Like the article says, “you can’t tinker with plastic.”

123728…well, for myself, not so much the hiking, but I do wear hiking boots, all day, every day.


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