Let The Process Begin…

This is too important to miss.

“Russia’s top diplomat heads to Geneva ahead of Syrian Constitutional Committee launch”

“The only role that Russia, Iran and Turkey, as well as other nations, are expected to play in the Syrian peace process is to prevent any outside attempt to disrupt political settlement.” – TASS

That is not an unimportant role.  In fact it is a vital role.  No doubt there will be attempts made to interfere in the process, either overtly or covertly by states with dubious ethics and interests who have otherwise been effectively (and fortuitously) shut out of the process.

There is also no necessity for the political settlement process to disrupt the current scheduled Syrian election process, which is:

“Syria’s parliamentary elections occur every four years, with the last in 2016 (corrected), while presidential elections are done every seven years, with the last in 2014. The current parliamentary term ends in 2020, which is consequently the planned date for the next parliamentary election.” – Wikipedia

…and the next presidential election is due in 2021.  Again no need to alter that.

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