“Everything Is Coming Apart”. Do You Sense That?

The world, or that part of it which does not dwell in Sleepy Hollow (and Sleepy Hollows can be found everywhere), is now in panic mode. That, I think, is the basic reason for the introduction of the COVID pandemic almost 2 years ago. The powers that be, recognised then that time was up for the human civilisation experiment, and decided to do something in a vain attempt to keep control of the coming situation – the situation that we now find ourselves in (no longer ‘standing on the threshold of’, but now deep within the reality of collapsing systems). You may not have felt it yet, but you soon will.

I tried to give some sense of the urgency of that in my previous post a few hours ago, and now I want to bring you two diverse voices to expand on that. Incidentally, October 15 is not important. It is a date, that’s all. And while some newsy things may happen then, or within a few days either side of that date, history will decide (if history ever get written again) what the important points in time were in the collapse of world order we are now witnessing. Our job is simply to find ways to work ourselves as safely as possible through ther ensuing mess that faces us. And that will be a full time job for all. We will have each other but no government or other sources of authority that we can trust to guide us. I generalise of course. Some parts of the world may fare better than others (I wish I were in one of them), having chosen to be guided by sensible adults rather than criminal elements and/or failed adults with teenage mentality and pre-teen life experience. I’m sure you understand which parts of the world are in which category of leadership.

Firstly, the quote I used in the title, “Everything Is Coming Apart”, comes from today’s Kunstler blog – ‘Slowly, Then All at Once‘. Reading it will give you some framework of understanding on which to base your next acts.

He is wrong about a couple of things. Russia is not short of surplus gas to keep Europe’s lights on or heaters going, through this approaching northern winter – where a great many Europeans are likely to die from cold conditions – Russia no longer cares about Europe (it’s pretty much a dead zone now to them, after so many years of combatively false lecturing and juvenile needling), but is sending all its superfluous gas and possibly other energy sources eastwards towards China. And Russia has also in the past few days ensured that Hungary (once part of the Soviet Union) will have its energy needs met, but not via transit through Ukraine (another dead zone to Russia), the supplies being delivered by the new Turkstream pipeline, courtesy of Russia’s newly strengthened friendship with Turkey.

Yes, China is struggling with an energy imbalance, especially in its NE regions, but China has friends – real friends – in Russia, and will no doubt be able to cope – though perhaps needing to restrict its economic activity for a while in order to keep its people safe. But Europe, and especially Germany and other northern European states are going to go through really tough times in the months ahead.

It gives me no pleasure to say these things (not entirely true, since I now see the main thrust of my work over the past years being vindicated in part) and I am not going to prolong my pain by stretching this post to say all that needs to be said, but I do want to bring attention to this other voice, until recently known only through his writing, the voice and face of Andrei Martyanov in the following video. Martyanov’s books make exciting, non-fictional reading. He is in recent days attempting to make video format statements and with his self-described ‘Runglish’ it requires some degree of concentration to follow what he is saying. But it is important stuff and he appears to uniquely be a ‘man for the times’ with his fields of expertise and broad range of contact sources. I urge you to see this through. It will be worth it, as is the reading of his recent blog posts at ‘Reminiscence of the Future’. I have embedded the video below.

Something Off The Cuff – Andrei Martyanov

Things are not going to be easy from here on in and none of us know exactly what will happen but, to the extent I can, I will endeavour to keep abreast of developments in what is likely to be a fast moving landscape of news, good and bad – from all parts of the world.

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