That sound you can hear? It’s the sound of bubbles popping.

I was going to write on a story of the Taiwan situation today, in which the West has revealed itself as a paper tiger following its dismissal from Afghanistan. Perhaps I will get to that tomorrow.

Today, a similar story from a different background has been thrust to the fore by this article from Global Times: “Exclusive: China’s victory on Huawei Meng Wanzhou’s case to curb use of US long-arm jurisdiction: ex-Alstom exec”.

That article compares what the author experienced as a victim of US economic war staged against France (a supposed ally), particularly directed at the French corporation Alstom – which suffered pre-planned destruction and take-over by the US’ giant company, General Electric, with the intended fate of Meng Wanzhou and Chinese giant Huawei. I think we all know the background to this – Huawei executive detained in Canada on trumped up charges at US request, with the view to punishing that leading Chinese tech corporate entity for being too successful, the situation recently ended by the release of the executive through some sort of deal. The details are irrelevant. It is why she was detained and what was wanted to be achieved by the criminal organisation known as the United States of America, that is important. And not least what knowledge concerning the players can be gained from the end result. It is a remarkably similar story to the reasons they (the US and its sleazy consorts) continue to interfere in the Taiwan situation while having no regard or care (in fact experiencing no emotional considerations whatsoever, except perhaps hate) for the Chinese citizens who live there.

It is a war. Not a shooting war – the US knows full well it has never won one of those (through its own effort). No, it is an economic war – as the GT article says. The US used to be able, from its previously unassailable economic position, to win those kinds of wars – in fact its overblown military is simply a tool of terror (used to be a tool of terror, that is) to facilitate conditions where economic wars (the only kind America knew how to win) are guaranteed. The basis of US’ success rests (rested) solely on that particular background plan. No more. Even that plan is now failing them.

What do I mean by all that? Well, now, if you haven’t already done so, would be a good time to read the GT article linked above (click image). I could take the time to explain what I mean but it will become much clearer by reading the article.

So, as to the similarities between this story and Taiwan, internationally recognised as a sovereign region of China, I hope you now see what I mean there also. The West, the same bunch of cronies led by the US, is following exactly the same plan to deprive another nation – China, not Taiwan, which is not a recognised national entity (and have you counted the number of nations where that plan has been executed before? …and successfully, from the West’s standpoint) – of what that nation actually owns and to which it has sovereign rights.

Exactly the same plan – sneaky secret interference (large sums of money and other offers no doubt being passed), followed by military threats, or threatening gestures, and blatant stealing of rights or whatever else is sought from the exercise. The thing is, the plan no longer works.

It may have worked in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan (first attempt), and against the French, most recent play of what have no doubt been a string of other corporate plunderings to feed the US corporate juggernaut. But it was stopped at the national level before reaching the gates of Damascus, Syria – although the theft still proceeds there for the time being. It has not worked anywhere else since then, viz. Venezuela.

At the corporate level, it has now failed at the doors of China’s Huawei. It has also failed at the pipeline of Russia’s Nord Stream 2. It will also fail at the shores of China’s Taiwan island. Why? Because these two countries have US’ measure. They know how the US works. They can now call the bluff on US military supremacy, with Aces of their own in hand. They also know that the US bluff, actually the bubble, of economic prosperity is about to ‘pop!’ and send the West, and perhaps the whole of the unaware world may deflate along with the popping of that bubble, into a spiral of decline never seen before in the history of mankind … a fall from which there will be no going back. No Restart. No Great Reset.

Once this global economy is gone, there are insufficient means and far too many obstacles outside of human ability to control, in the way of it ever starting again. Or of it reaching anything like the ridiculous, false, unbalanced, unfair, overly complex societal structure we see today – and especially not that evil world dreamed of by the eugenicists of the WEF Great Reset plan (the COVID-19 pandemic being an introductory part of that plan) …even if any of us survive to attempt to revive or continue such things.

We all have our dreams. Our world is full of dreams. Dreams mostly based on ideas that have no basis in reality (whatever that is). Those dreams, they are all bubbles. Bubbles of the imagination. And while nations and organisations themselves may conjure their own dream bubbles, those are the dreams of individuals or groups of individual humans. It’s all the same. Listen!

That sound you can hear? It’s the sound of bubbles popping.

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