My Daily Dilemma

I want to try to explain why I sometimes don’t write for several days, in a world where changes happen so fast there is always something to write about. It is also why I could never become a professional blogger. I will not cover events that do not interest me or which I consider to be futile endeavours, even though I sometimes write on what may appear to be trivial things, they seem to me to be something that should be given attention or which should not be allowed to simply slip by without mention. And then of course there are days when I just do not feel like writing. There are no days when I make up or blow up a story simply just to have some output.

I have mentioned this before but I now have 59 started but unfinished draft stories of some sort in my blog post list. That number keeps on rising. I want to list just some of the newsy events that I have considered writing about over the past few days. Hmmm… maybe I could turn this into a kind of weekly or preferably a semi-regular review type post (I don’t like to be tied down to any form of regularity). I still like to think of myself as a creative and intuitive person who acts on instinct rather than rules – even or perhaps especially, self-imposed ones.

Ok, so these are some of the stories I have recently considered but not acted on.

There was this story from Zero Hedge: ‘Australia’s Corporations Rebel Against Government’s Draconian COVID Lockdowns’. This, I think, will be one of the only sources of pressure to influence Australian government change of policy on COVID. That, or imminent threat of economic or social collapse. And corporations caring about public suffering or stress? Not a bit of it. They are only really concerned for their own existence and profitability as going concerns. This has global implications too.

Markets Insider and a great number of other sources brought out this story: “The workers who fuel the global supply chain warned of a possible ‘systems collapse’ if solutions aren’t found. This is, is it not, similar to the previous story? Concerns are growing as to the continued viability of the modern way of life. Concerns people like myself have been airing for years. Is now ‘the time’ for the upheaval to begin?

A small thing perhaps, but indicative of larger issues for the struggling (a self-imposed struggle) pseudo nation of Ukraine (The name means ‘border area’ – it has never been a proper country, even with various small areas cobbled together with the original ‘border area’ over the years). The Nazi controlled Kiev government cannot really afford its ill-trained military – which had to be rebuilt after large portions of it surrendered to Donbass militants and migrated on to Russia back in 2014. And while Kiev continues to talk and act aggressively with Russia and its own errant Donbass residents turned independent Republics of LPR and DPR, it cannot pay its own troops properly (up to 3 months in arrears). I guess that may be a good thing since it must be draining funds from its supporters, the EU and US. “The Ukrainian military complain about the delay in salaries” – ANNA News

And then there is the situation of India – the second most populous nation and one of the oldest cultures of mankind still in existence and thriving. Even after periods of colonial oppression. A pillar of the Eurasian continent. Member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and other asian and global structures. On friendly terms with Russia – even buying Russian military equipment. Also a member of the US led four nation ‘Quad’. What? Why? There is no logical reason. No realistic benefit to India or its people in doing that. Before I get carried away, let me just introduce this story – “India is Searching to Define its Role in its Rapidly Changing Region” – James O’Neill for NEO. A decision point is looming for India, and I don’t see sailing boats into the South China Sea with Uncle Sam and mates being part of that future.

Last one, although I could have extended this list considerably. India is not the only nation at a crossroads with decisions to make. Germany is also dangerously poised- and faces a cold future if incorrectly directed by mischievous entities. Literally ‘cold’, as winter looms. Many could die soon. And that is only the beginning of troubles for Germany. I could have chosen several articles on this but the face-palming tilted me toward Andrei Martyanov – ‘Almost Without Comments’ – reinforced by this a few days earlier – ‘Drifting Apart’.

On a lighter note. A bit lighter, anyway. Well it’s all right – we’re going to the end of the line”. As the train we’re riding approaches that ‘end of the line’, with derailment a distinct possibility, “even if you’re old and grey” (I’m old and grey) “you’ve still got something to say” (I’ve still got something to say) ….and I will keep saying it …while I can, and for as long as I can. But nobody ever said it better than The Traveling Wilburys and “End of the Line”.

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