Beware The Ides of October, November, …

I can’t not share today’s post – ‘The Waiting Is The Hardest Part’. It is spot on.

It is not clear to me just why businesses and governments choose ‘The Ides’ of a month (‘The Ides’, a Roman thing, marking roughly the middle of a month) to begin measures likely to engender unrest, troubles, opposition and potential violence, but it seems to be a trend just now.

The Ides of October (October 15?) appear to be a turning point in many instances. I mentioned that some days ago, and it has already begun (Southwest Airline, Rome’s violent union demonstrations) and there are potentially many more to come. Some I will likely miss, but I will report the ones I know about. On November 15 (The Ides of November?) Australia’s Qantas pilots, crews and other staff are out of work if not vaxxed. Pissing off pilots is obviously a great way to begin societal shutdown. Not to mention pissing off doctors and nurses. There is a considerable element of the military too who are now feeling the pinch of pressure to vax before the end of the year. And you can bet your bottom dollar there are many other vital sectors of society about to come unglued – many due on the Ides of October.

There is not long, but we must wait. This time it is for real. Either governments and businesses will back down and restore stolen liberties, or society will rapidly disintegrate. Hold your ground. Stay strong.

And whatever you do, for goodness’ sake (and your own), don’t get vaxxed in the meantime. It will be the (untimely) death of you.

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