IS This The Global Reset?

“This IS The Global Reset. Prepare Accordingly.” – The Corbett Report via The Titanic Lifeboat Academy

A few short weeks ago I made the claim (or words to the effect) that COVID-19 is unlikely to be the catalyst for a global economic meltdown but would help to bring such an event into focus and perhaps even reality.  We can never be sure of these things – until they happen.  I live in hope that I will see this happen.

So, I would turn the title of that article into the question “IS This The Global Reset?” 

I have to say that I feel that it may be, or at least that such a ‘reset’ will quickly follow, powered by its very own inherent momentum generated quite independently of, but aided by, the current health crisis.

I share this post because the article covers a great many aspects, and it would take hours to work through them all (but you probably have more spare time than usual at the moment and might benefit from doing so), that I can and do personally endorse.  These things will come to pass.  And soon, if there is to be any hope of a future for humanity at large other than at best as a slave race.

I have willingly – because it has not changed my way of life at all – taken on the self-isolationment required (and legislated in many areas) at the present time due to COVID-19.  Knowing that I would surely die if I were to contract the virus.  That was a no brainer.  But I will not tolerate any further infringements on my personal liberties, such as compulsory vaccinations (I have never had a flu jab and don’t ever intend to) or phone tracking apps (not that that would reveal much because I don’t go anywhere much and don’t have location services switched on) – and I would actively urge others not to do so as well.  Those things are the beginning of the kind of crackdown on civil liberties that no-one should tolerate.  You may understand that more if you read some of the material contained in this shared post.

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