Two Face-Slaps For US From Japan

Japan may be getting ready to get out from under 75 years of US oppression. I did not notice yesterday that Japan was missing from the small list of shamed nations (see my previous post) which mindlessly followed the US lead in voting against recognising the long-serving credentials of the real government of Venezuela’s UN representative.

That was one slap in the face of the US by Japan.

And then, on the previous day, the 80th anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour, an even sharper and more resounding smack to the US face was applied in the visit by a large number of Japanese lawmakers to the Yasakuni Shrine on that same day. That story is shared below…

“Japan ‘spits on US WWII victory’ as 99 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine on Pearl Harbor attack day” – By Zhao Yusha and Xu Keyue – for Global Times – Published Dec 07, 2021

A nonpartisan group of Japanese lawmakers visits Yasukuni shrine, regarded as a symbol of Japan’s past militarism by its Asian neighbors, in Tokyo, Japan on December 7, 2021. The group were making their first visit to the shrine, which honors convicted war criminals along with millions of war dead, in more than two years. Photo: VCG

It is known that Japan wants to improve ties with Russia (with whom there is still no peace agreement from the 1945 conflict), with a view to possibly getting back its islands in the Southern Kurils – and for which there are no current prospects at all. It is a subject Russia is not even willing to discuss, at least for as long as Japan holds any military links with the US.

I am sure also that Japan knows full well that such links are holding back the nation from its full development as a true member of the Asia community.

Are we about to witness another loosening of US footholds in the region? I would dearly like to see that. I would also dearly like to see my own nation of Australia casting off the ropes that bind it to that disgraceful country which so seeks to divide the world so that it alone can rule – in a dream which is fast dissipating as we watch on, in anticipation. May we not have long to wait.

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