Australia On The Wrong Side Of History …Again

In that most august of international bodies, The United Nations General Assembly, yet again Australia shamed itself in front of the world’s assembled representatives by aligning itself with that ever smaller growing… [can you ‘grow ever smaller’? – perhaps not] Let me rephrase… by aligning itself with that ever shrinking motley crew of sheep nations, still fatally clinging to the falsehood that the USofA is even now a viable enterprise worthy of upholding in support of its stinking, stagnant, cesspool of self-justified and self-justifying dictates of a world order that nobody else wants or needs.

This clique of the claqued and its claqueurs now numbers only 16 out of the 193 countries with UN membership. Here is the list of shame:

United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, the Marshall Islands, Israel, Paraguay, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.

I guess I don’t need to tell you that this is not, by any stretch of the imagination, or any way of juggling numbers, a list of the most influential nations across the world stage. Come on now… is it? Please answer the question. And that is not meant to demean some of those lesser front-of-stage nations who may have been inadvertantly caught up in the charade, as opposed to owning the dubious accolade of ‘US Minion’.

Hmm… I’ve said quite a bit, but not a word on what they are guilty of.

TeleSUR tells the story: ‘UNGA Recognizes President Nicolas Maduro’s Representative’ – TeleSUR – 7 December 2021.

Well done, the United Nations. Bravo!

Venezuela is another failure of US regime change doctrine. The rot began with Syria’s brave resistance (aided by Russia), onto which is being added Iraq (aided by Iran) – and both to a certain extent aided by China. Russia, China and Iran are of course in Venezuela’s corner also. In fact there is a growing bloc of free and independent democratic nations building to aid each other and anyone else this now rapidly waning Western clique of oppressors dares to interfere with.

And the bulk of UN member nations appears to have switched allegiances or perhaps have come out from under the shadow of what is now recognised as being yesterday’s grimoire – a thing unfit to carry further into the 21st century of relative enlightenment. Where every nation will need to pull together as one, and definitely not to be segregated and suppressed by some false doctrine of one nation’s self-delusion of its own manifest destiny and divine right to rule them all.

I can tell you it is not very exciting to be operating on the wrong side of that awakening. Even involuntarily.

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