Who Said Russia Was Stagnated in Donbass West?

It is not every day that you see (or at least I see, and I’m looking) a fairly comprehensive account of Russian movements on the Donbass fronts in the mainstream elements of Russian online media – not dressed in all the trimmings and opinions that usually go with that in even the best intentioned western reports. But when you do, they give the lie to reports of how Russia is stagnated and pinned down in Ukraine. The forces fighting in that region for Russia are not in any way stagnated, dispirited or poorly supported. They are highly motivated and equipped for the task they have been given, which is a monumentally difficult one (the current stage is nearly over and there will soon be free-flowing movement) and I declare that there is no army in the world who could have done a better or more thorough job in completing that task in the most difficult of conditions and with minimal casualties, and all the while inflicting massive loss of all materiel of war, including manpower, on their opponents. Out-thinking and out-maneuvering them while all the time holding the initiative and dictating the terms of the conflict, even though the enemy has the overwatch assistance and guidance of all the high level technology possessed by the western powers.

This is a such a helpful news story from Izvestia, published today, which I have taken the liberty of copying here in the English translation provided by my Yandex browser – just to be helpful – including all the embedded links to other stories. Those who need to be credited for the work are clearly labelled in the piece.

When you see something so clearly expressing reported truth, your heart responds with a grateful thank you. There is such a dearth of good reporting these days. So, thank you Izvestia, and the authors. The link to the original is in the title below.

You will note from the images that the Russian soldiers carry few, if any, identifying badges, unlike the Ukraine forces. This, I suspect, is because they are rarely seen, even at a distance, while the Ukrainians are always at great risk of being shot by their own side if not easily identifiable. That is just an opinion of course.

March 14, 2023, 00: 00

Sniper reserve: how the actions of shooters help to free Ugledar

Active attacks along the entire line of contact draw the UFU forces away from Artemivsk

Andrey Fedorov

Bogdan Stepovoi

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexey Maishev

Russian troops are increasing the pace of their offensive in the Donbas. Marines of the Pacific Fleet are moving forward in the area of Ugledar, Izvestia correspondents report. They visited the line of contact and saw groups of snipers clearing the way for Black Beret assault squads. Nearby Marinka and Avdiivka continue to be hit as well. Our troops are conducting active attacks along the line of contact to pull the enemy forces away from Artemivsk, where the phase of decisive battles begins, experts explain.

One shot — one target

In the Yuzhnodonetsky and Zaporizhia directions, aircraft and artillery of the Vostok group of troops defeated enemy units in the area of Ugledar in the DPR, Poltavka, Gulyai-Pole and Shcherbakov in the Zaporizhia region. During the day, up to 60 militants, two pickup trucks, as well as D-20 and D-30 howitzers were destroyed here, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

To the forest – from heaven: Russian paratroopers advance to the Red Estuary

The capture of the city and further offensive will allow you to go from the flank to Slavyansk

Our snipers are actively working near Ugledar, clearing the way for assault units of the Pacific Fleet Marines. Izvestia correspondent Kirill Olkov visited the front line, where he observed their actions.


Photo: IZVESTIA/Dmitry Astrakhan

“Pacific Fleet Marines are rapidly advancing in Ugledar, inflicting one defeat after another on the enemy,” he says.

Now the village of Southern Dachas on the outskirts of Ugledar is a neutral zone. A group of snipers of the Marine Corps of the Pacific Fleet works here-a gunner, a shooter and a signalman. An enemy grenade launcher is firing nearby, so our soldiers move in short runs from one shelter to another.

Pathogenic engineering: US biolabs continue to operate in Ukraine

Kiev has the scientific and technical potential to arrange a provocation with the use of dangerous viruses

Soon, the sniper and his assistants take up a firing position in an abandoned house. The group takes the first shots, but it is necessary to quickly relocate — the place of sniper lying is already illuminated and it can be covered by artillery or mortars at any time.

They move as quietly and stealthily as possible — the enemy should not see snipers. A group of Marines changes their position and goes to the target from the flank — this is more convenient to work with.


Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexander Galperin

From this point of view, the overview is even better. Intelligence helps you find enemy firing points and reports their coordinates. Ukrainian militants occupy a private house, they are clearly visible.

— The observer was removed first, the shooter was removed second. The troops, with our support, passed through without fear of being chewed on from both sides, ” says a senior sniper with the call sign Second.

“Gnaw” means to conduct effective fire on our units.

“We will appeal to Ukraine to provide an explanation”

Pridnestrovian Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev-about the attempted terrorist attack in Tiraspol and the involvement of different countries in it

At this time, assault groups of “black berets” under the cover of snipers enter the Southern Dachas area. VFU resistance is broken during the attack.

– The effectiveness of the performance indicator of my group is the absence of enemy snipers in the direction of the brigades, – the group commander with the call sign Yaryi notes.

The group follows a simple principle in its work:”One goal — one cartridge”. In just one month, it destroyed more than 50 militants near Ugledar, who hindered the advance of our main forces.


Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexey Maishev

With the help of this group of snipers, one of the streets of the village was recently cleared. Kirill Olkov says that in Ugledar, as in Artemivsk, our forces are trying to encircle the city.

Ugledar is the last powerful stronghold of the VFU in the South Donets direction with high-rises and underground passages. Then there are fields and much greater opportunities for the main forces to advance.

“Vladimir Zelensky’s goal is to draw European nations into the conflict”

MEP Thierry Mariani-on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, the Nord Stream bombings and Macron’s African tour

The wasp won’t sting

The Russian army in the free-range zone is engaged in persistent offensive battles along the entire contact line. They exhaust the enemy and do not allow him to concentrate a powerful fist to release Artemovsk and prepare for the spring offensive, military expert Vasily Dandykin told Izvestia.

– Now a lot is being decided in Artemivsk, and this is an important moment in the battles for Donbass in its own way, – the expert explained — – For the enemy, this city is a symbol, and its loss will be a strong ideological and moral blow. Their situation is bad. Daily irretrievable losses can reach up to a battalion, and all supplies are carried out through the throat of a little over four kilometers, which is shot through by our troops. According to some reports, the Ukrainian forces have concentrated a group of up to 15-20 thousand people for a deblocking strike.They could also include those parts that were planned to be used during the spring attack on Mariupol.

Russian Armed Forces

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexey Maishev

According to the expert, attacks at different points of the line of contact allow us to “pull apart” these reinforcements and prevent them from delivering a powerful concentrated strike.

— All our attacks contribute to the achievement of these goals. In addition, the liberation of Ugledar, Marinka and Avdiivka, where our forces are also conducting attacks, will make life easier for residents of Donetsk and many areas of the DPR. It is from here that massive attacks on peaceful cities are conducted, ” the expert stated.

During the day, at least 440 people and 37 units of military equipment, including tanks, howitzers, self-propelled artillery units (self-propelled guns) and armored vehicles, were lost in all strategic directions of the VFU.

A Ukrainian Osa-AKM anti-aircraft missile system was hit near the village of Pervomaiskoye in the DPR.

“Just a little more time, a small border, and we will enter Avdiivka”

How the crews of the Gvozdika self-propelled gun support the offensive of Russian troops in the Donetsk agglomeration

Saved 25 fighters

The Russian Defense Ministry spoke about the servicemen who showed courage and dedication in the battles.

The unit of Private Timur Kushpenov defended the liberated settlement. The enemy tried several times to regain control of the village, using artillery and mortars. During the next attack, the militants launched an artillery strike on the positions of our troops, and then went on the offensive.

Anti-tank grenade launcher

Photo: RIA Novosti/Pavel Lisitsyn

Skilfully using the terrain conditions, Timur destroyed three units of military equipment and up to 10 militants with targeted fire from a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher. Having suffered losses, the enemy retreated. Timur Kushpenov was awarded the Order of Courage for his courage and bravery shown in the performance of military duty.

During the liberation of one of the settlements, Sergeant Nurillo Hamidulloh acted as part of the marine brigade of the Pacific Fleet. He provided first aid to wounded servicemen and evacuated them to medical institutions.

Under enemy fire, Nurillo removed 25 wounded men from the battlefield, gathered them in a safe place and disguised them. After the battle, Nurillo ensured that all the wounded were evacuated to a field medical unit.

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