How Much More Clearly Must The World Have It Explained Before They Understand?

So many voices are continually calling for peace in Ukraine. Let me make the situation clear.

Point One: The Conditions Are Not Right


Citation: I said that, just now. What’s not clear about it?

Actually, Russia, The Kremlin, whoever, has also been saying that for a long time now. The world does not listen. They are too busy dreaming up their own schemes to bring peace. All of that is a waste of time and effort. It’s pointless. Ain’t gonna happen. Simply put, it means that for peace to happen, the conditions must first change, because…


There. I said it again. Are you listening yet?

Okay. Let’s go back to the beginning, and take it in simple steps. If at any point you fail to understand what is being said – go no further. Call the Kremlin, or your local Russian Ambassador, the Aussie Cossack, or somebody else with a reasonable grasp of english, who may be able to help. But first let’s read this TASS news item to get the background clear. Actually it contains all you need to know on the subject…

‘Kremlin explains its ‘only option’ in Ukraine’ – RT via AZƏRBAYCAN 24

Working our way through this step-by-step, we will begin with the second paragraph, and what it says there, is “There are currently no conditions for a peace settlement in Ukraine”. This is simply a restatement of what I said. Actually, what The Kremlin said first.

All clear so far? No? Then what’s the problem? Ah, I see. So you think Russia is not the only party – or perhaps should not even be a party among those who should decide what are the right conditions. That is exactly where you are going wrong. And you couldn’t be any more wrong. Russia is the only party capable of deciding when the conditions are right and what those conditions should be. In fact Russia has already stated those conditions way back in December 2021. The world didn’t listen then, it will have to listen now. No-one else gets a say in the matter, because no-one else can prevent Russia from ensuring those conditions are met, in full.

The UN cannot do that. The US cannot do that (in fact the US is too chicken to play its forces against Russian forces because it knows full well those US (+NATO) forces (and it would have to be a new force, scraped from the bottom of the rotting, rainbow coloured barrel of gender fluidity, where 85% of age-qualified new troops are unfit for service for one reason or another) would be splatted. If long-time, well-trained and battle-hardened Ukraine forces cannot stop Russia, what hope does even the best the west can field, stand, against the same immovable force? So, if the US, the best of the west, can do nothing to thwart Russias goals, how can anyone else do that. No-one else would try, because they all see the value of what Russia is doing here – which is saving the world from the worst possible future under western diktat, by saving themselves (The Russian Federation) first. In fact I believe that if it comes down to choice, India, China, Iran, most of the Asian nations, most of the African nations and most of the South/Central American nations would all align with Russia against Anglo-Saxon autocratic rule.

So, that is the end of that. Let’s have no more nonsense. Russia decides when the right conditions for peace are in place. No-one else, except those in agreement with Russia – which at the latest count would be around 85% of the global population. It is just that no-one else has the clout just now to lead the charge as Russia does (with or without China’s practical backing – and I believe such backing is assured). It also seems that the UN is just a little confused recently about who it is that it actually represents. And 85% beats 15% any day of the week – even if the 15% have been the richest and most influential component in the global stable of nations. If the rules don’t allow for such level of fairness and justice as that represents, then the rules need to be changed.

Okay, that’s Point One. All those who do not agree, please leave the room. The grown-ups are in charge now.

Point Two: There Is No Other Option But To Change The Conditions

Until Russia can clearly see a set of right conditions in place for peace and security for itself and the world, that nation is obliged (duty bound) to keep fighting until those conditions are realised. No excuses. No contrary arguments permitted. By anyone or any organisation.

That is the second thing the second paragraph of the RT news article says…

“Russia has NO OTHER OPTION but to keep fighting”

The capitalised emphasis in that quote is mine. Further, the third paragraph explains very clearly the never ending nature of that status which will persist until fulfillment of the requirements…

“The absolute priority for us remains and will always remain reaching the goals that we’ve set for ourselves. At this point in time, they can only be achieved through military means.”

This means that it is an imperative pre-condition for peace that the goals Russia has set, are reached. As far as I am aware, there are no other conditions to be considered. I have already raised more than enough arguments under Point One to infer that Russia’s position on this is inviolable.

Point Three: Grasp The Clear Intent Of Points One And Two

These are the only considerations. All other efforts to bring about peace in Ukraine are pointless and unworthy of further discussion. Russia gets what Russia has demanded – noting that all those demands are fair and reasonable – or the world will never know a period of peace and stability. What could be simpler? And what could possibly be more important?

This is the imperative foundation, the only foundation on which a future peaceful world can be built. No other arguments persist over or supercede that.

Is everything clear now? Yes? Good. We can proceed to bring this about. No? Then I’m sorry, the world we know is destined to die, fighting itself until nothing is left.

That choice at least is clear.

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