“This Here Town Ain’t Big Enough Fer The Both Of Us”

Those immortal words spoken by a nameless Sheriff of a nameless western town to a faceless outlaw – ‘Two Gun Tex’ – in many an old western movie scene, are being re-enacted in real life, on a much larger scale in 2022/23 – another time, another place. But the same face-off.

And it is a face-off, not a stand-off. There will be a result, not a compromise. Because for both combatants it is ‘do or die’. One of the parties will end up underground – in a wooden box on Boot Hill. That’s fer sure, pardner. ‘There can be only one’ left standing.

I have some more immortal words to give you, but it means combining two related stories, provided conveniently from the same source – the March 16 pages of the online news provider, News-Front..

Oh, and don’t be too concerned about ‘Two Gun Tex’ – aka ‘The Hegemon’. His folk can be spared and mostly self-reorganised into some separately governed communities that won’t produce the likes of him again, but which will remain harmless to the world and perhaps at some later stage, when they have developed more noble instincts, may even be welcomed into the wider world community which they so disdained, hated, robbed and persecuted during the centuries of The Hegemon’s reign of terror. ‘Tex’ wasn’t a one-man gang by any means, and they did terrorise their own kinfolk too. ‘Tex’, having passed, will not be missed by anyone.

Anyway, on to the now…

There is a war going on and, as I mentioned before, it is the same ‘Do or Die’ face-off between the globally hated Hegemon and the modern day Sheriff – Vladimir of Russia. After a year of constant tussles in which The Hegemon’s proxy zombie army, despite continual replenishment and recruitment from the dregs of the so-called civilised ‘western’ world, has been whittled down to a fraction of its original size and is about to be overrun by the valiant forces of Sheriff Vladimir.

The Hegemon’s ‘Lootenants’ keep talking up a ‘Spring Offensive’, but have now decided to save face by declaring Spring to be too muddy to move their troops. See…

‘Rains will not allow Ukrainian militants to launch a counteroffensive in Artyomovsk’ – News-Front – 16.03.2023

There’s not much to say about that, is there. Other than to draw the conclusion that they have neither the means nor the manpower to enact such a counter-offensive. This is also borne out by the following report, in which the term ‘AFU’ represents several foreign words which, roughly translated, means ‘The Hegemon’s proxy zombie gang’.

‘AFU suffers acute shortage of trained personnel’ – News-Front – 16.03.2023

This whole report all makes very interesting reading. Especially if you stand behind The Sherrif. Not so much if you are a fan of The Hegemon. I just want to highlight the point that when it says…

“A special military operation to force Ukraine to peace was launched on the orders of Russian leader Vladimir Putin on February 24. Its main goals are the denazification and demilitarization of the criminal Kyiv regime, which for eight years subjected the civilian population of Donbass to harassment, abuse and genocide with impunity.”

…that quote speaks only of the additional conditions which form only part of the overall broader basis and nature of this conflict. These additional conditions became urgently necessary when it was discovered that The Hegemon was about to enact plans to overrun the militia defence force of “the civilian population of Donbass” in February of 2022.

The broader basis of the conflict concerns all of the demands of Russia as stated in documents supplied for approval by The Hegemon in December of 2021, but which were ignored (no answer of any kind being given), leaving Russia no option but to seek, through military means, their essential objectives.

While there was never any doubt in the eventual outcome, it begins to actually look like the first part of the ‘Sheriff’s’ project is about to be completed. Possibly within just a few weeks or perhaps months.

What happens after that depends entirely on how The Hegemon reacts to this, unexpected to him, defeat. But one way or another, whether gently or through whatever violent actions are necessary, he is going down.

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