Russia’s Security Guarantee Position Acts As A Whole – It Is Not A Restaurant Menu

There is to be no cherry-picking of Russia’s documented ‘requirements’ (I’m sticking with that word for now as it is neutral but firm) by the west. It is a ‘take it all’ proposal, with, I suppose, an ‘or leave it at your peril’ alternative. And Russia is not budging (that’s a colloquialism for ‘making no deviation’) from that position.

I don’t blame them for taking that stance, in fact I think it is beyond time that they did. But, I guess, whenever something important occurs, that is always the right time.

‘Russia’s comprehensive approach to security guarantees remains unchanged, diplomat says’ – TASS

I read something somewhere yesterday (I’ll try to find it for reference) to the effect that Russia has not made this positional stance in isolation. There are weighty plans underway with partners which will effect changes to the world order in the next few weeks/months that will make whatever response the west may or may not make to the proposals currently before them – and I will be surprised if they do actually make any sensible response – which will make that response, if there is one, a moot and largely irrelevant statement. I see an end-game position looming for any cross-Atlantic partnership.

If unsure who Russia’s partners are, take a look at the backdrop to the image shown in the linked post from The Cradle referenced in my previous post. Image is copied below…

It could not be more clearly stated. President Putin met with President Raisi in the last few days and will meet with President Xi before the opening of the Beijing Olympics in two weeks. Ears to the ground folks. Something big is coming. If you have read my previous post you will be more informed on what this something big may be. Of course nothing is true until it happens, but this story at least has potential, and Russia’s new-found boldness has to come from somewhere. That ‘somewhere’ may just be that nation has come to a point of sufficient frustration to override its natural placidity – the real ‘enough is enough’ moment, but my feeling on this is that there is much more this time, with friends such as Russia has not been able to rely on, perhaps going back for ever in the past.

One thing seems to be in doubt now – a war in Europe. At least, if there is to be one, it will not be started by Russia.

That does not mean that Russia will not respond to military aggression which contravenes their not-negotiable positional statement. Of course they would do that. But they have much bigger plans afoot methinks. All that the positional statement is doing is establishing the western boundaries within which those plans will operate. Anyone the other sideof that boundary who wishes to avail themselves of part of what goes on in the other greater Eurasian landmass, will need to demonstrate the right attitude to the folks back there. And anyone who dares to rudely intrude or in any way threaten those folks or their welfare had better prepare for a rude awakening for themselves, swiftly and harshly applied.

While this is good and right and wholly humanitarian, I still feel a little disappointment that the west may not imminently receive the kind of smackdown and humiliation of a military defeat they so richly deserve. But we may yet see that enacted in real time before long, since I think western ‘heroes’ in Washington and elsewhere will find being ignored is more humiliating than anything else that could happen. They are such irredeemable dim-shits. Although at the same time they may find themselves embroiled in other overbearing problems which require all their effort to combat, leaving no time for looking east. Problems like the collapse of the US$, home-grown insurrection, economic death, the falling bridges syndrome, the twisted-rail & potholed-road transport chaos, the covid-mRNA-vaxxed-zombie apocalypse – you name it.

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