A New Day Dawns – There Arises A ‘Community of Shared Destiny’

“A new Eurasia-led order encompassing the vast majority of the world’s population is a work in fast progress,” says Pepe Escobar in this his latest article. 

‘Iran-Russia hit maximum strategy’ – Pepe Escobar at The Cradle

There is scant reference, other than in derisory terms, to the mostly dreamed up and supposedly current US-led world order which, if it is even something real, is expected to disappear, at speed, up its own WAZOO (that term, incidentally, does not refer to an animal sanctuary in Western Australia).

What else can I say? Well quite a lot actually, but I would only be emphasising points which I find most relevant or noteworthy. What I would prefer to happen is that you would read the Escobar article which I consider to hold great importance and ideas that you should consider as representing a possible future for humanity. An inclusive and united future of sharing for all, not an exclusive and divisive one such as many of us currently hate to be part of.

…and just when will this all happen, you say? Well, it is already in progress, and more concrete steps are likely to emerge within the next weeks and months. The Russia-US imbroglio (love that word) I have been writing about is, I think, very much a part of that. It is just a revelation to the world that one order is at the point of collapse (its dirty secrets made known to all) and a new one begins.

So, don’t miss out, please do read that article.

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