Airing the Dirty Laundry in Public

This is a disguised element of the Russia-US ‘High Noon’ imbroglio series I have been doing. I waited until after midnight to post this as I wanted it to carry a date of Jan 23 as my first post of the new day. With the rate at which things are developing, there may be more.

It amazes, nay astonishes, how a simple requirement – nation to nation – such as that given to the US by Russia to acknowledge and accept a legally enforceable position statement, could raise such a maelstrom of fuss and barely concealed panic as has been witnessed in the past month (has it really been that long? yes it has! as every single report covering the issue on the TASS news site makes plain – it began “On December 17, 2021”) from both the US administration itself as well as broader western political sphere of operations. This is hardly believable as being merely due to protocol. Would it take the Washington Fire Brigade more than a month to respond to a call-out for a small fire in the West Wing of the White House? Not a good analogy I know, but what are they thinking? Don’t they get to deal with such commonplace issues every day? Or is it that they have realised this is a game-ending proposition? That any acknowledgement of Russia’s requirements (I’m trying hard not to use the terms ‘demands’ or ‘ultimatums’ here. ‘Requirements’ is quite a strong enough word for it I think – if properly understood) would be tantamount to a surrender of their cherished but now very tarnished, long held principle of all encompassing ‘US hegemony’ over all and everything on this planet.

Well, I suppose it is a reasonably good start that they may have reached something akin to that conclusion. It would demonstrate that there is still sufficient rationality remaining among them to recognise their imminent peril. That would also account for their confused panic over how to possibly avoid such a personal disaster and why they have actually so far done nothing but attempt every single diversionary ploy in their playbook in a vain attempt to do so. Nothing has worked so far, has it? Especially not the paraphrased threat of ‘sanctions like have never been seen’, which appears to be all they’ve got to shoot from the hip with. The US position is now so weak that they are begging and pleading with Russia for whatever it is they are with shaky hands recording for posterity – to be delivered ‘next week’ (and where have we heard that before?), to keep that information secret – oh the terror of the US people getting to know. “For god’s sake Russia, please don’t let that happen – show some mercy on us,” is something like how they will phrase their plea. Or they may just chicken out, say nothing, and hope for the best. Either way it will make no difference, because Russia is going to be the ones writing that history and they already know all the facts. And they have a huge interest in ensuring that history is properly recorded – at least as far back as 120 years and probably further than that.

‘Washington asks Russia to keep US response on security guarantees secret – paper’ – TASS

They, the US, do know of course that Russia is making this public stand – and it is and will be all made public – for exactly the reason that they want and need (for the sake of historical accuracy) for all of this story – the whole sorry mess of US deceit and duplicity (and a great many other words I will omit here) to be known by the whole world. Imagine that. You won’t need to imagine for much longer, whether a response from the US is forthcoming or not. I think the US knows that, and has used as an excuse to prolong their ‘investigation’ into Russia’s requirements, the knowledge of Russian foreign policy regarding Ukraine gained from the supplied document proposals to formulate a dirty ploy of attempting to tarnish the reputation of Russia by themselves revealing that information publicly (exactly what they expect Russia not to do) as described in the TASS post below. Russia describes this as a blatant provocation but I expect they would have known it would happen. You can never trust the US on any matter and this is a clear example. Before anyone says ‘what about Russia revealing US dirty secrets?’ let me say that is an entirely different matter. The Russians are being quite open that they are doing everything around this scenario as a public event. The world needs to know and Russia needs the world to know what deceitful bastards the US leadership has always been.

‘Russian Foreign Ministry called a provocation US publication on Russian policy in Ukraine’ – TASS

I guess it is then appropriate for me to offer a quote from that bulletin which explains what the US did, by contextually altering the meaning of parts of the document, and what they should have been doing instead of wasting their time on that. Small minds, deceitful minds. Minds which are often referred to as childish or juvenile (I myself have used those terms) but children do not operate from such abstruse reasoning as demonstrated here. Perhaps psychotic minds would be a better description.

“Instead of pausing and concentrating on substantively answering the questions posed in Russian documents, the White House and its Western allies launched a highly toxic information and propaganda campaign painting our country as an ‘aggressor,’ the ‘enemy of civilized Europe’ and a ‘threat’ to international stability. All of this is coupled with the incessant threats of ‘painful’ sanctions designated to drain our domestic economy and solidify a systematic challenge to Russia,” the diplomatic agency pointed out.

TASS article linked above

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