Bullock Cart Rewind

Here’s a story that surfaced recently and which could be a game-changer. Or perhaps even a game-stopper.

‘Crisis In Australia: AdBlue Chemical Shortage Might Render Diesel Trucks Inoperable’ – CleanTechnica

Now I don’t know much about CleanTechnica. It seems to be one of those cleanish-greenish pop-ups with roots in the Techutopia EV myth. So, how much of a real ‘crisis’ this may be, we shall have to wait and see.

The story goes something like… oh, why don’t I just quote it?

“In most of the modern diesels, there’s a chemical added to the system called AdBlue.

“A lot of the AdBlue, or the chemical that goes into making it, is imported from China.

“The supply of that chemical urea has dried up from China. And hence, there’s now a massive shortage of AdBlue in this country.”

An explanation follows…

“We’ve heard things like the cost of fertilizer in China has internally gone up dramatically, and a large portion of that is urea.

“So what they’ve said is that they do not want to export any urea to try and keep the price of local fertilizer down.

What do you make of that? Well, I guess the first question should be – “How many days stock of AdBlue does Australia have?” … followed by … “Can we get more synthetic urea elsewhere? Or do we need to collect cow pee?”

Now, now! Calm down, settle yourselves, this is not funny, OK? …well, mildly funny, I’ll grant. But it won’t be funny at all when nothing is moving.

Now, where did I put that bullock cart?

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