Tuesday, December 7, 2021 – You Do Know What That Means, Don’t You?

I am appalled that the world has neither realised nor recognised that this moment in time, as I write this, is potentially the greatest moment of global danger for the whole of mankind that we have ever faced. Are we so sunk into our self-made funk that we, apart from perhaps just a few, like myself, are even aware this is happening? Well, I guess if we are all to die in the next few hours or days, that is the best way for it to happen. Everybody ignorant of it.

But for myself, I do know what this moment means. And I am appalled that no-one else cares.

It is now early evening on Tuesday, Australia time. That means two people – well, one person, President Putin, and an animated dummy that has been dubbed “the Biden” – are about to face off (by video link) up in the northern hemisphere (I don’t know the exact time) to decide among themselves whether we all live or die.

Do I now have your interest?

Good. Well… I don’t have time to explain all the ins and outs of the situation (you should really have kept yourself informed, in preference to all the other meaningless things you have been doing over recent days and weeks). But there is a good appraisal by a guy whose name is known but who likes to be called The Saker, for reasons best known to himself. I suppose it is something like how I write as NotSomethingElse.

Here is his story on this momentous time. I think you have time to read it…

‘Now comes the final countdown to either peace or war’ – The Saker

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