“Two Out Of Three” May Not Be Bad, But It’s Certainly Not Good

…and when those “Two Out Of Three” represent two thirds of your Nuclear Triad – the three pronged nuclear deterrent you have threatened the world with for some 70 years – two arms of which it now transpires are largely if not totally inoperable, that has to be …wouldn’t you say… somewhat catastrophic? Especially on the eve of you trying to convince Russia that you really can fight some sort of realistic war against all their modern super-weapons if they by chance should get a little too uppity. And knowing full well that they mean it when they say they won’t, and in fact have no intention of doing that.

It’s all a bit sad really. How low the once mighty West has sunk.

Not too long ago, the US Air Force General commanding the ground-based (Silo launched) ICBM Missile force, admitted he wished he has at least some missiles he could be certain would reach their targets, after a series of failed test launches.

Strike one arm of the Triad off the list – or at least expect minimal effectiveness from it.

Now it appears, in only the last few days, the effectiveness of the US nuclear submarine fleet (amid a long string of ‘accidents’ over the years, and the loss of two of them) is now so questionable (read the following story) that they have all been ordered to go straight home, abandoning all current missions. Wow! I never thought I would hear that.

‘The Collapse of the US Submarine Fleet’ – Vladimir Danilov for New Eastern Outlook

That makes it all doubly sad, and the US military situation now a ‘mission impossible’. But more than that, on a more personal note, it leaves my country, Australia, red faced at the prospect of buying submarines made from sub-standard US steel (you need to read the story).

It leaves only one string to the US nuclear Triad bow. That is of course their fleet of strategic bombers. I haven’t had time to find how many of those they have, capable of air-launching nuclear missiles, but they have been busy in the past few weeks practicing attack runs near both the Western and Eastern borders of Russia. Though I doubt that would raise much of a sweat in Russian military circles.

So, what is going to happen?

Well, it is no good asking me. I am just reporting information which came my way …and joining a few dots here and there. We will almost certainly, by the time you read this, have heard what transpired in the Putin – Biden meeting scheduled for Dec 7th …and hopefully will not need to speculate on any disguised outcome.

Is this the end of the last empire? Will the US finally admit that it no longer has what it takes to play the global bully game, and settle down to become a model citizen? Am I only dreaming?

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