Where We Once Belonged

Proving that he is not just a master of the story-telling of today’s utter shambles of human mediocrity, which 2021 has somehow resolved into, Pepe Escobar graces Asia Times with a piece worthy of the best cultural reportage of earlier and more civilised times. It involves a ‘Getting Back’ to where we once belonged, through the life, work and play of one-time ‘Beatle’ – John Lennon. For me, it works. Others may call it pure BS – and for me, in some ways, that could work also. But I lived through that era, and I remember catching that roof-top performance live on TV. Whether the late ’60s is the time we should be getting back to is highly debatable, but there was far more hope in the world back then and far fewer irreversible barriers had been crossed than is now the case.

There is little now to look forward to. Even over the next few weeks.

‘Get back to where we once were, John’ – Pepe Escobar

Since the link in Pepe’s article to that roof-top moment has been ‘pulled’ by the ‘owners’ (how can anyone own a moment in history?), I have an alternative informal live performance, complete with the ubiquitous ‘new unseen footage’ (if you can believe that) – and better catch it soon before it too has been ‘pulled’.

Hey! It’s that time of the year, isn’t it? Or is ‘reflection’ a thing of the past too?

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