This Nail Can Never Be Driven Home Too Much Or Too Often

The ‘rules-based international order’ is finished. It died, never to rise again, impaled on the pitchfork of Russian determination and ingenuity, and the concurrent rise of the Eurasian led multi-polar world order – which is based on fairer principles and peaceful cooperation – at the end of 2022.

The new year of 2023 sees that multi-polar world order establishing itself firmly and strongly across a waiting world. Never again will the world submit to, or be seduced and restrained by, a self-focused malevolent power acting uni-laterally and under the basest levels of morality and human ethics. Russia’s existential struggle against that same malevolent power will also be successfully culminated this year, I believe.

Pepe Escobar, independent geopolitical analyst, has captured that situation in fine detail. If you have not seen this yet, you may read that detailed account using the link associated with the following quote from the piece. 

“2022 ended an era: the final breaking point of the “rules-based international order” established after the fall of the U.S.S.R.”

Bye Bye 1991-2022 – Pepe Escobar on Strategic Culture Foundation – January 7, 2023

Like I said, this story – of ending and beginning – must be repeated and refreshed often enough – like a nail being securely driven home – for it to sink into the mindset of the whole world.

This is not propaganda. This is fact. And it is the future. At least it has now begun to take shape, though much must occur before it becomes fully realised. And, whether with or without the west, a world of mankind working harmoniously together will make that happen – all other considerations being equal in a world of unforeseen externalities that may be beyond our control (a fact which has always to be added as a rider to all human endeavours – of whatever nature). And that is something else we had better never forget. Though together we may achieve much, we are not, and never will be, the masters (the final arbiters) of our destiny.

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