Is ScoMo Suffering From FOMO?

Is it possible that Australia’s failure to follow an independent foreign policy in favour of slavishly hamstringing itself as a devotee of the US – and consequently becoming a floundering wreck just like its master – all due to the psychological disorder known as FOMO or the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’?

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Australia’s leaders, those who supposedly are meant to be (and are actually elected for the express purpose of) formulating an independent, sovereign, pathway for the nation in its own best interests, are acutely failing to do so. Instead, whether lacking ideas (to which political inbreeding through party settings naturally leads), or as a direct result of psychological ineptitude for the role, or in fact from a number of even less digestible reasons, they blindly play follow-the-leader along with their tribe of five-eyed compatriots, none of whom has any idea where they are being led. What is that a recipe for… let’s think? Oh yes, I know. But I don’t think I should say the word …in any case, disaster is coming, for all of them, like it or not.

Fear Of Missing Out is no way to lead a country. It is no way for anyone to lead a personal life either, but so many folk do it. Basically it is a condition born of ignorance, and it does not matter when it is at national leadership level or in individuals. The only cure for it is to banish ignorance and learn what is going on around you. If you know how the world works and the rules, good or bad, by which it is actually operating, you can build your own views and construct your own life and its pathway so that you can never need to play follow-the-leader but become self-directing. And in doing so, you need never fear missing out on anything – because you will be equipped to see the traps that are laid for you and the openings that await your choosing. And you will find friends with whom to journey. Not as a tag-along but as a fully formed individual – whether that be a nation or a single person. Learn the truth. Be free. Be independent. Chart your own path. See the cliffs over which the tag-alongs tumble – and avoid them.

I thank the Global Times and the author Chen Hong for providing the inspiration for me to write this piece…

A submissive Australia in no position to criticize India’s independent strategies on Ukraine crisis’ – Chen Hong for Global Times – Published: Mar 09, 2022

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