Venezuelan Gold Liberated

A UK court victory for Venezuela and its rightful and incumbent president Nicholas Maduro, and a slap in the face for Donald Trump, Boris Johnson (especially), the Australian government and various other sub-serfs of the US empire who have all, without any due cause really, or much thought, hitched their ponies to the shaky three-wheeled wagon of self-declared president Juan Guaido, and thereby toeing the US line of illegal sanctions.

Part of Venezuela’s gold reserve, held in London and frozen by Johnson’s rabid government, is now freely available for Venezuela’s use. 

Who is this Juan Guaido?  This paragraph from the linked article explains:

“A nearly unheard of politician before his ascension to the role of head of the Venezuelan National Assembly (a post given out on a yearly rotational basis among all parties in the institution) in January 2019, Guaidó shocked the country by using his appointment to unilaterally declare himself president of the country. He then led a series of coup attempts throughout 2019 and 2020, the last of which involved paying Trump-linked American mercenaries to shoot their way into the presidential palace. However, the plan ended in complete disaster, with the Americans subsequently sentenced to 20 years of prison time.”

“UK Court Decision on Venezuela Gold Deals Blow to Regime Change Efforts” – by Alan MacLeod for MintPress News.

Hooray for the UK court system – on this occasion anyway.  I hope I can also cheer for their eventual decision on Julian Assange, who should not now be languishing in a UK prison (or any other penal establishment). 

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